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The Legend Of Zelda Mashup You Never Expected

Despite the plug being pulled on The Legend of Zelda show on Netflix, there's still a new television-inspired Zelda clip that fans can watch. No one could have expected a Legend of Zelda and Beavis and Butt-Head mashup, but 2021 has already been full of surprises. YouTuber KhalidSMShahin created "The Legend of Beavis" using the old Zelda cartoon and voice lines from Beavis and Butt-Head.

This hilarious mashup between the two retro shows stars Link (voiced by Beavis, of course) and Zelda as they go on a rescue mission to save King Harkinian (voiced by Butt-Head). The video has quite an attention to detail, as the noises and laughs from Beavis seem to fit perfectly with Link's grunts and other battle sounds. The voices of Zelda and all the enemies were kept the same, and it still makes perfect sense, despite the new dialogue from Link and King Harkinian.

Viewers of the video have clearly enjoyed it, as it currently has an overwhelming number of likes compared to dislikes. The comment section has plenty of time-stamped highlights so that new viewers can go find the funniest sections, but the entire 10 minutes is worth the watch. Plenty of people have asked for more, but KhalidSMShahin mentioned in the video's description that it took a long time to even get this clip finished.

In the description of "The Legend of Beavis," KhalidSMShahin credited the closeness of the video's lip-syncing to his sister, Apricot404, who has posted clips with similar edits to classic TV shows. KhalidSMShahin didn't promise any future videos, but he also didn't shut any hope down. There may be more edits like this in his future, so keep an eye out on his channel.

Of course, both shows that make up this video received wildly different levels of success. The original Legend of Zelda cartoon first aired in 1989 and only lasted one season. This was part of Nintendo's break into the television and film scene, alongside The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! and the dreaded Super Mario Bros. movie. Meanwhile, Beavis and Butt-Head was a smash success, running for 8 seasons (so far) over the course of several years. In fact, another two-season revival of Beavis and Butt-Head was just announced last year. The iconic duo brings together a newer, more adult-oriented kind of comedy to The Legend of Zelda series. 

For fans who are hungry for more Zelda-adjacent content, this bizarre video isn't the only thing to be excited about in February — the Zelda-inspired Blue Fire released this month, as well.