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How To Get Into The Guilty Gear Strive Beta

Guilty Gear Strive still has a few months until its official release in April 2021, but some lucky fans are already getting a taste of the game's new features via an Open Beta, which started Feb. 17.

The latest installment in the Guilty Gear series brings a new mechanic to the forefront. Players can "wall-break" their opponents and literally break the screen, transitioning the characters into a new area of the map. Wall-break moves can also trigger status effects, which adds some incentive to break a combo in order to complete a wall-break.


In addition to the new mechanic, general director Daisuke Ishiwatari explained how Guilty Gear Strive fits into the Guilty Gear story as presented in previous games. He commented that though "the game itself has been refreshed a lot, just the look and a lot of other elements of the gameplay, the story is not yet over. So I want to give some conclusion to Sol's arc and his storyline and his life so it will be a continuation of where he left off after REV2." Ishiwatari didn't want to give away too much information just yet, but promised that Guilty Gear Strive is a main installment in the Guilty Gear storyline and not a spin-off game.

How do I get access to Guilty Gear Strive's beta?

There's good news and bad news. The good news is that getting into the beta is fairly easy. The bad news is that fans might have to drop some cash up front to get in if they aren't willing to wait. Gamers who preordered Guilty Gear Strive for PS4 or PS5 can enjoy the beta from Feb. 17-21, with the test opening to the general public Feb. 18-21. Specifically, preorders only qualify if they're for the digital version of the game, meaning that physical copies ordered at a brick and mortar store won't grant users access. If fans opt to wait an extra day and forego preordering, they can download the demo from PlayStation's online storefront for free.


Guilty Gear has many bizarre characters throughout its history (although maybe not the most bizarre, comparatively), so fans can thankfully get an early peek at 15 of this installment's characters. If, for whatever reason, you don't opt in for the beta, don't worry. Fans can always brush up on their fighting game skills and practice for Guilty Gear Strive's April release.