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This Fan Took Stream Sniping To A Whole New Level

Most of the time, the term "stream sniper" takes on a negative connotation. If you're stream sniping Ninja, for example, you might be in a game of Fortnite with him, using his Twitch broadcast to figure out where he is on the map. It's not often you see someone use that same tactic to locate someone out in the real world — in fact, some might think that crosses the line. That's exactly what happened to Twitch streamer Sushipotatoo, though, and it ending up making her birthday night out a memorable one.


On the night of Feb. 24, Sushipotatoo took to the streets of Japan and put on a livestream for her audience. As she walked down the sidewalk, however, a man calling out to her from a car got her attention. "I watch your page," he said, presumably referring to her Twitch channel. When Sushiipotatoo approached the fan's vehicle, he mentioned it being her birthday, and handed her a Tiffany box. Sushiipotatoo was ecstatic.

A later clip shows that Sushipotatoo got into the fan's car in order to open the gift — a necklance — and couldn't stop remarking about how pretty it was. The fan even helped her put her put the necklace on after she ran into a bit of trouble. According to Dexerto, the fun didn't stop there, as the two spent more time with one another that evening and even stayed up late enough to get sushi together in the morning. If nothing else, it certainly appears that Sushipotatoo may have made a new friend.


Of course, depending on who you are, you may be viewing Sushipotatoo's evening from a different perspective. You could find the entire episode downright adorable, and feel that the internet needs more of this brand of positivity. There may be some of you, though, who had alarm bells going off in your head at seeing Sushipotatoo in a car with a complete and total stranger. It's tough to argue that the fan wasn't showing kindness in buying Sushipotatoo a gift, and the streamer was certainly gracious in accepting it and even spending time with her fan afterward. This is probably not something you should try with your favorite streamer, though — there's no guarantee they'll react in quite the same way.

In this case, it worked out. Sushipotatoo got to meet and hang out with a fan, and this will likely be a birthday she won't soon forget.