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These Are The 3 Best Machine Guns In Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has hordes of weapons to choose from that reside in numerous different categories and archetypes. You can carry everything from an ordinary sidearm to a rocket launcher that splits into Void trackers that seek out enemies. But one weapon some players really enjoy is the machine gun. Whether it is a fast-firing shredder that rips through mobs or a slower, more powerful wrecking ball, the machine gun seems to have its fans in the Destiny 2 community.


But out of all of Destiny 2's machine guns, which are the best? Which should you take along to down your next raid boss, and which should you leave in the Vault collecting dust? Below, you'll get a look at the three best machine guns Destiny 2 has to offer. If you have one of these strapped to your back, you'll stand a much better chance against whatever threats come your way.


Have you ventured inside Destiny 2's Deep Stone Crypt? If not, then you're missing an opportunity to obtain one of the best game's best legendary machine guns. Commemoration is capable of dropping with a number of top-tier perks, including Reconstruction, Feeding Frenzy, and Dragonfly. A good roll on this gun will undoubtedly aid you during some of Destiny 2's more difficult endgame encounters.


Once this gun drops for you during the "Deep Stone Crypt" raid, every encounter completion provides another chance at it. If you don't want to leave it to fate, the chest after the raid's final boss battle will let you purchase a new roll of the weapon for 20 Spoils of Conquest — provided you've already received it in the past, of course. According to the subreddit r/ShardItOrKeepIt, the main perk you should be looking for in Commemoration is Reconstruction. If you get that, you will have a very, very solid machine gun on your hands.

Heir Apparent

Most machine guns in the Destiny universe fire bullets and that's it. They hurl tiny projectiles at your enemies with as much force and speed as possible, and that's normally all they're asked to do. What makes Heir Apparent so special — and thus deserving of its "Exotic" status — is what it does aside from all of that shooting. This is a machine gun that will not only tear through bad guys, but in the right situation, could also save your skin.


Heir Apparent's "Armor of the Colossus" perk really sets it apart from other machine guns in that it gives you an Arc Shield. Spin the gun up, ready it for fire, and a blue wall of protection will place itself between you and those who mean you harm. If you're in a major firefight, this shield could come in handy by helping you tank some fire without taking hits to your own shield or your health bar. In Destiny 2 the numbers aren't usually in your favor. But if you're insanely outnumbered, Heir Apparent might help you live to fight another day.


If there existed an award for "chunkiest machine gun in Destiny 2," one could argue that Xenophage might win it. The "thunk, thunk" sound of this exotic weapon as it fires is highly distinct. It isn't the fastest machine gun in the game, but it expels bullets with such force that you may not miss the speed. The 100 impact rating on Xenophage lets you know: this gun hurts. It hurts in a way no other machine gun in Destiny 2 does.


What makes Xenophage so lethal? What makes it so useful against raid bosses and the like? It's actually a mixture of two perks: Pyrotoxin Rounds and Rangefinder. Thanks to Pyrotoxin Rounds, Xenophage is able to fire off explosive bullets that do tons of damage to even high-level enemies. And Rangefinder gives Xenophage a nice boost in range, allowing it to fire more accurately at longer distances than most other machine guns. If you need a high-damage weapon to take into your next endgame encounter, Xenophage should be on your list.