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Who Are The Pokemon Legends: Arceus Starter Pokemon?

The world of Pokemon is fluttering with anticipation after Nintendo's announcement of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, a game that explores the Sinnoh region's rich past. The new installment changes up the typical Pokemon formula by emphasizing research and observation as players help build the first Pokedex. However, no Pokemon researcher should go out into the wild unprepared, and players must pick a starter Pokemon at the beginning of Pokemon Legends: Arceus.


The starter options for Pokemon's latest installment might look a little familiar to long-time trainers. The official Pokemon Legends: Arceus website shows the starter Pokemon, and explains that "these three Pokémon arrived with a Pokémon Professor, who encountered them on research excursions to various regions." In other words, the starter Pokemon have all appeared in previous Pokemon games, from regions that are instantly recognizable to fans.

Picking a favorite starter Pokemon is always a difficult choice, but the decision-making will be even harder this time around. You see, all three starter Pokemon are extremely cute.

Rowlett represents Grass Types in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Rowlet first appeared in Pokemon Sun and Moon and hails from Alola, an island-inspired paradise. Also known as the Grass Quill Pokemon, Rowlet "stores energy during the day from photosynthesis." Talk about resourcefulness.


The tiny owl begins as a Grass and Flying type. Its final evolution, Decidueye, gains an additional label as a Ghost type Pokemon, lending it some otherworldly abilities. Trainers with an eye towards all things spooky might want to pick up this adorable Grass type and help it grow into its best Ghost self.

Rowlet has a strong fanbase, which was excited to hear of its inclusion as a starter in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. One player tweeted that Rowlet is one of the cutest, roundest Pokemon out there, while still others bragged about its God-tier status, joking that Rowlet will rule the game, not the super-powerful Arceus. No matter how gamers look at it, Rowlet is a solid Starter Pokemon choice.

Cyndaquil brings the fire to Pokemon Legends: Arcerus

Cyndaquil originated in Pokemon Gold and Silver as a starter Pokemon. This fiery, unpredictable Pokemon comes from the Johto region and has a surprise waiting for anyone who dares underestimate it: Cyndaquil can make fire erupt from its back, shooting flames out at its opponents. Though the Pokedex calls it the Fire Mouse Pokemon, it's anything but timid, packing a punch when it needs to.


Unlike Rowlet, which eventually gains a new type after evolving, Cyndaquil is Fire all the way, which might factor into players' starter choice at the beginning of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. The tiny spitfire eventually evolves into Typhlosion, which is also a Fire type, though much larger and more menacing.

Because Cyndaquil was featured in the Generation 2 line of Pokemon, it has been a mainstay in the franchise for years, and was many players' first Pokemon. Some long-time Cyndaquil fans have noted that Pokemon Legends: Arceus appears to have corrected an error in Cyndaquil's skin color from previous games, honoring its original design and allowing its coloring to reflect its fiery spirit.

With its sweet little eyes and mischievous snout, Cyndaquil might be hard to beat.


Oshawott goes with the flow in Pokemon Legends:Arceus

Oshawott rounds out the starter crew with its adorable seashell motif and wide eyes. Don't let its cuteness fool you, though. This Water type can blow its enemies out of the arena.

Originally appearing in Pokemon Black and White, as well as Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, Oshawott comes from the Unova region. Oshawott comes with a scalchop, a seashell that it uses for battle. Despite being removable, the scalchop is an organic piece of Oshawott's body, made of a substance similar to human fingernails.


For players wondering why Oshawott was included in the starting lineup, look no further than its final evolution. Oshawott's final form is Samurott, a Samurai-themed Pokemon. This detail might explain the sea otter's inclusion in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which seems to be set in a feudal-like version of the Sinnoh region. Like Cyndaquil, Oshawott remains true to its type throughout its evolutions, making it a faithful Water type for life.

If fans want a more familiar adventure, they can revisit Pokemon Diamond and Pearl in late 2021. Otherwise, Pokemon fans will have to wait at least another year before picking a starter Pokemon in Arceus, so there's plenty of time to mull over the decision.