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Logan Paul's Pokemon Card Pulls Will Make You Jealous

It's no big secret that some Pokemon cards are worth a lot more than the paper they're printed on. Some of the most expensive Pokemon cards can fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction. There are even some hidden gem Pokemon cards that'll net you a pretty penny — maybe not enough to buy a new house, but at least enough to purchase a PlayStation 5 from a scalper. Yes, that is still very much a thing.


YouTuber Logan Paul has recently developed an affinity for opening new Pokemon card packs. During a live stream back on Feb. 27 — which he opened by appearing in a Charizard suit — Paul tore into what he claimed was a "$1,000,000 1st Edition Pokemon box." Joined by Ken Golden of Golden Auctions, Paul discovered in real time just what each pack contained. To say he got incredibly lucky with some of his pulls, well — that would be a bit of an understatement.

To start, Paul was fortunate enough to land a Holo Chansey that Golden believed could be worth "between 40 and 50 thousand." A few packs later, Paul hit the jackpot by uncovering a Holo Charizard, to which Golden stated, "It's a chance it could be the first million dollar card." That was actually the first of two Holo Charizards Paul ended up with, just to give you an idea of how the stream went. He went on to add a Holo Venusaur, a Holo Blastoise, and a number of other very valuable cards.


According to a tweet Paul sent after the event had wrapped up, he'd "pulled $2,000,000 of cards" in terms of their estimated worth. Considering he spent well over a million dollars to acquire the box, he could end up with a tidy profit if all those sought-after cards he nabbed sell at their peak price. It's worth keeping in mind this stream — and the purchase of the box — wasn't without risk. If Paul hadn't landed some of those top-dollar cards, he could've certainly lost money. At this point, though, it is looking like his investment paid off.

It'll be interesting to see what Paul ultimately gets for his new collection of ultra rare Pokemon cards. For instance, will either of his Holo Charizards actually rake in a million dollars? It sounds as though Paul will be teaming up with Golden Auctions to sell the cards at some point in the future. When that happens, fans will get to see whether or not the YouTuber is able to make history.