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Knockout City - What We Know So Far

If you like gaming with your friends and taking down the competition in dodgeball, you're probably going to want to know about Knockout City, a brand new multiplayer game announced during the February 2021 Nintendo Direct. The 50-minute event packed in a bunch of announcements, including the first introduction to this all-out dodgeball competition from Velan Studios and Electronic Arts. The initial trailer gave gamers a clear glimpse into gameplay, and additional details from EA's website paint a good picture of what Knockout City will be like.


There's already a lot of information to give players an idea of what to expect, including juicy details on the release date, footage of gameplay, and more. Knockout City already shaping up to be a pretty wild experience. So, if big-city dodgebrawl piques your interest, grab your crew and get ready to play. Here's what has been revealed so far about Knockout City.

What is the release date for Knockout City?

Knockout City will be released May 21, 2021 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game will also be backward compatible on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, and will get tweaks to take advantage of that more powerful hardware. At $19.99, the price is on the lower end. Worth noting, EA has been staying busy with some highly-anticipated next-gen plans for games, so only time will tell if this is a knockout or a foul ball. 


Velan Studios is the team behind Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, a game that thought outside the box and allowed gamers to race virtual karts in their own homes. It's looking like that level of creativity will be on display in the wacky dodgeball battle of Knockout City. While fans have already gotten a decent look at the game, EA promises more surprises and announcements to come, including future beta opportunities so all players can test out the game before they commit to a purchase.

Is there a trailer for Knockout City?

The Knockout City official reveal trailer featured lighthearted, quirky interviews with various characters, including a princess, a lieutenant, a friendly green monster, and more. Between the mini-interview segments, the trailer shows the characters running, jumping, passing, and dodging their ways through dynamic and visually rich urban landscapes.


The trailer wraps up with the release date, as well as an invitation for players to join the closed beta testing, which ran Feb. 20-21, 2021, just a few days after the game's announcement. If you missed your chance to get in some playtime with Knockout City that weekend and you're kicking yourself right now, don't worry, because plenty more chances are just ahead. EA assures gamers they can sign up to receive updates on future betas, and since the company mentioned "opportunities for everyone to try dodgebrawling before buying," it seems as though these betas may be rather frequent.

What is Knockout City gameplay like?

Gameplay requires teamwork between players, who can play Knockout City together from any location at any time. There "special ball(s) for every occasion" like Bomb Balls, Cage Balls, and Moon Balls, and you can even become the ball and have teammates fling you towards the competition for a KO. Before getting fancy, EA recommends "mastering charged throws, perfectly timed catches, trick shots, and fake-outs." Once you've aced that, you are welcome to battle it out in three locations: Rooftop Rumble, Concussion Yard, and Knockout Roundabout. Heights, cars, construction equipment and more may distract you, but keep your eye on the ball and you'll ace it.


Style customization goes beyond outfit choices. You can customize character body type, hair, reactions, and more. Your Crew will all wear the same logo on their jackets, but other than that, you're free to get creative if that's your thing.

Could this be the next great sports game that captures the hearts of sports-loving gamers and non-sports-loving gamers alike? Either way, for now, the dodgebrawl hype is on.