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This Is The Best FARA 83 Loadout For Call Of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone players have a plethora of guns and other weapons to choose from in the game, and more keep getting added with each new season. That's exactly what happened at the start of Warzone Season 2, as several new firearms appeared and became options for player arsenals. One such gun that made its debut in Season 2 was the FARA 83 assault rifle.

The FARA 83, like other guns in this game and other Call of Duty titles, can be outfitted with a number of attachments. The question is, which are the best? Which will impact the FARA 83 the most, and turn you into the greatest Warzone killing machine this side of Dr Disrespect? Not everyone seems to agree on how exactly the FARA 83 should be kitted out. But by seeing the recommended loadouts published by some other Warzone experts, perhaps you can use that knowledge to come up with a setup that helps you get the job done.

Your optimal FARA 83 loadout may come down to taste

The good folks over at Eurogamer seem to feel that there's one FARA 83 loadout to rule them all; one that, regardless of situation, will get the job done. It involves attaching a Flash Guard 5.56 muzzle, a 15.5" Contour barrel, a SUSAT Multizoom optic, an Airborne Elastic Wrap rear grip, and a Field Agent Grip underbarrel. The outlet seems to feel that, by using this setup — and "creating a custom class" for it in the process — you'll have all potential battle scenarios covered.

GamesRadar, however, begs to differ. That particular website seems to feel that unleashing the full strength of the FARA 83 requires you to tailor it based on whether you intend to use it primarily for long-range or short-range encounters. For long range, GamesRadar recommends that you swap all of Eurogamer's parts but the optic. Change the grip to a GRU Elastic Wrap, the muzzle to a KGB Eliminator, the barrel to an 18.1 Takedown, and the underbarrel to an Infiltrator Grip. For short range, everything gets replaced. GamesRadar uses a Microflex LED optic, a GRU 5MW Laser Sight body, a Bruiser Grip underbarrel, a 40 RND Speed Mag magazine, and a Tactical Stock.

Which is best? Trying them all in-game may be the only way to find out for sure.