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How Lazarbeam's Fortnite Celebration Came To A Screeching Halt

This week has been a big one for Australian YouTuber and Tom Brady stan Lazarbeam. On Monday, he got to reveal a skin of himself for Epic's ultra-popular battle royale shooter, Fortnite. Then, yesterday, he hosted a stream to celebrate the momentous occasion. The broadcast ran for a little over two hours, which was more than enough time for Lazarbeam to play his very first match with his own Fortnite skin. Unfortunately, though, disaster struck, and what was a bit of a party for the YouTuber suddenly came to an end.


"Internet went down on the biggest day of my fortnite career," Lazarbeam tweeted. Yes, on the day Lazarbeam finally got to see himself represented in Fortnite, his internet service cut out and brought his stream down in the process. Lazar's broadcast was still a pretty successful one overall, peaking at over 146,000 viewers and netting him close to 8,000 new subscribers. But it's tough to argue that he didn't run into some really terrible luck here, and he knew it, too. Lazarbeam tweeted a short time later, "Legit no internet problems for 12 months then this happened."

At the least, some fans showed up in the comments to offer Lazarbeam some support. Some commiserated with him about his internet going down, while others congratulated him on getting into Fortnite. Even though the day didn't go quite as planned, it was still a pretty solid one in terms of Lazarbeam getting the word out that he has a new skin on the way.


The question at this point is, just how many Lazarbeam fans will pick up the skin and take it into a match? Will lobbies be full of Lazarbeam clones eating pies? Will an army of the Aussie's fans rise up to delete opponents the way Lazarbeam apparently deleted all of his construction equipment videos? Fans won't know for certain until the skin is officially available for purchase in the Fortnite store.

And about that. You may be wondering, when exactly does the Lazarbeam skin go on sale? According to the Fortnite website, you'll be able to pick it up tomorrow: Thursday, March 4, 2021. The Lazarbeam skin will be accompanied by his pie-eating Lunch Break emote, an Ol' Mate Sledgy Pickaxe, and a Baby Gingy Back Bling item. It's worth mentioning, though, that you may see some players running around with the skin today. A "Lazar & Fresh's Super Knockback" tournament is granting those who do well early access to the Lazarbeam bundle.