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Watch Dogs: Legion Online's Influence Points Explained

Watch Dogs: Legion Online launches March 9, 2021, and there are a good number of differences between Legion Online's mechanics and the main game. One of those is the introduction of Influence Points. Much like in the critically-lauded main game, recruiting NPCs to your cause is a huge part of Watch Dogs: Legion Online. According to a gameplay overview video posted by Ubisoft in February 2021, players can recruit new Operatives through the use of Influence Points.


The video explains, "Like Tech Points in Watch Dogs' single-player, Influence Points can be used to upgrade your gadgets, weapons, and hacks." The video shows players a few of the different upgrades that are available in Legion Online, including one that raises the max number of Operatives you can recruits, as well as one that allows your Operatives to "digitally shroud" an enemy after taking them out. This would presumably keep other enemies from being tipped off to your presence.

The video continues, explaining, "But [Influence Points] also allow you to recruit a character on sight, provided you have enough of them." So how do you get Influece Points?

Raise your rank and earn Influence Points

Luckily for players who don't want to grind for another in-game currency, Watch Dogs: Legion Online will offer plenty of opportunities to bank some Influence Points.

"You'll earn Influence Points by ranking up in each of Watch Dogs: Legion Online's seasons," explains Ubisoft's gameplay overview.


This can be done by "completing daily and weekly challenges," which can be found in the Challenges tab of the in-game menu. It appears that daily challenges will task players with some hilariously specific tasks, like driving three separate double-decker buses into the water, along with some more traditional challenges involving enemy takedowns. Weekly challenges will operate similarly, but will notably take a bit longer to carry out. For instance, one weekly challenge seen in the gameplay video calls for players to destroy 30 drones, while another asks players to defeat 30 human enemies through any means necessary.

Players can also rank up and earn Influence Points by completing solo missions. As a side note, Influence Points aren't the only perks that come with ranking up. Players will also earn new in-game cosmetics that will spice up the fight against Albion.