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Apex Legend Players On Switch Will Have This Disadvantage

Apex Legends is a fast-paced shooter that rewards quick reaction times and a mastery of movement. That's why the game is optimized to hit at least 60 frames-per-second on current and last-gen consoles, and can go even higher for those gaming on PC. Unfortunately, on Nintendo Switch — where Apex Legends launches today — the experience isn't quite as buttery smooth. In order to get the game running on Nintendo's hardware, a sacrifice had to be made that could make Switch players much easier targets.


According to Eurogamer (by way of Famitsu), the Switch version of Apex Legends runs at a not-so-fluid frame rate of 30 FPS. That holds true regardless of whether someone is playing the game portably or with the Switch docked and connected to a TV. This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, seeing as the Switch is vastly underpowered compared to other platforms. Even in 2017, Eurogamer noted that the Switch had less horsepower than both the PS4 and Xbox One. Still, this could present some issues where competition is concerned, as Apex Legends now supports multiplayer across all platforms.

Are Switch players being sent to the slaughter? Will those on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC dine on Nintendo fans tonight? Some Twitter users seem to think so. "30fps? Man these guys are not going to have to aim at all," wrote one person. "Mmm slideshows are pretty neat I guess," wrote another. Those on Switch can take some solace in the fact that the studio behind the port — Panic Button — has a pretty good track record when it comes to making games work on Nintendo's machine. Will that help Apex players on Switch stay alive against PC opponents running the game at 144 frames-per-second? That remains to be seen.


The good news, at least, is that Switch players don't have to opt into cross-play if they don't want to. That feature can be turned off in Apex Legends, which means those on Switch can limit themselves to matches with others on the same platform, leveling the playing field a bit. At the moment, Apex Legends doesn't support cross-platform progression, so if you already have an account somewhere, playing on Switch won't help you level up your Battle Pass or pad your stats. If you're a gamer who owns a Nintendo Switch and nothing else, though, you can now check out Respawn Entertainment's battle royale shooter for the very first time.