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We Finally Know Pokimane's Relationship Status

Pokimane is a very well-known streamer. Some might even dare to say she's a famous person. It should come as no surprise, then, that her relationship status is a source of constant speculation on Twitter and elsewhere. Is Pokimane single? Does the streamer have a secret boyfriend she hides from the world? She's apparently asked about it constantly, and yesterday, she finally decided to put the issue to rest. With one simple tweet, Pokimane answered this very big question about her personal life — but potentially raised some others in the process.


"Single btw," she wrote.

That noise you hear right now — the one that sounds like a stampede — is likely tens of thousands of Pokimane fans making a beeline for Jared, the Galleria of Jewelry. Unfortunately, if this bit of news suddenly put Poki on your radar, you might want to ease off the gas a little bit. In a follow-up tweet, the streamer emphasized that she's "not looking" at the moment. So it might be a good idea to delay that elaborate surprise proposal for now.

Why did Pokimane choose to drop this news on fans? As she put it on Twitter, she was "just tired of seeing the same question/assumption over n over lol." That is to say, Pokimane probably would've remained mum on the topic and left the question about her relationship status unanswered. But fans and others continued to discuss it, and she felt the best way to stop the chatter was to address it herself.


One thing Pokimane didn't really touch on, however, was why she isn't looking to be in a relationship at the moment. However, with all due respect to those who may be curious about it, that topic is one Pokimane isn't really obligated to cover. In fact, she didn't really have to provide an update on her relationship status at all. She did, though, and if nothing else, fans can use that knowledge — and what she's looking for — to make some decisions of their own. Like potentially taking those shiny engagement rocks back to Jared, the Galleria of Jewelry.

What's next for Pokimane? Only time will tell at this point. As Valkyrae put it in a reply to her "single btw," tweet though, "she thrivingggggggg." Pokimane is all about the content game right now — she's married to it, as some might say. She may not have a significant other in her life right now, but judging by her success, she has Twitch and YouTube locked down pretty tight.