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The Second Pokemon Sun And Moon Global Mission Has Launched

Pokemon Sun and Moon's second global mission has launched, challenging players to catch and defeat as many Pokemon as they can through the game's Island Scan feature.

A post on the official global link website provides details about the mission and how to unlock the Island Scan feature in the QR Scanner. You'll need to rack up 100 points through QR scans first, which can be done by scanning patterns from a friend's Pokedex or by finding promo patterns like the one for the Pokemon Magearna.


Once you've gotten 100 points and opened up the Island Scan, you can start hunting for Pokemon. The Island Scan will pick up the location of a Pokemon on the islands and give you a limited amount of time to track that Pokemon down and either catch or defeat it. This feature can only be used once per day, so you'll have to keep getting points in order to use it.

Once all players have found 1 million total Pokemon through the Island Scan, they'll be gifted with 2,017 Festival Coins. If the global mission is failed, players will still receive a consolation prize of 217 Festival Coins. If you register your Game Sync ID, then you'll get double the Coins. The event ends on Jan. 9, so getting started soon is in your best interest.


Here are the steps provided on the website, to get you started on the mission:

1. Enter Festival Plaza in Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon by selecting it in your in-game menu, which you'll find by pressing the X Button.

2. Enter Festival Plaza's central castle.

3. Speak to the global mission receptionist on the right and let her know you want to participate in the global mission.

4. Remember to return before the mission ends to sync your game to add to the global count! Once you are participating in the global mission, talk to the receptionist to have your progress sent to the server. Also, if you have registered your game to a PGL account, simply connecting to the Internet while in Festival Plaza will cause your game to sync automatically, which will send your progress to the server.

Get out there and start scanning and catching in order to get your treasure trove of Festival Coins. Hopefully this goal is easier to reach than the first mission's.