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For Honor's Collector's Edition Will Cost $220

The For Honor Appollyon Collector's Edition has been revealed, featuring a statue, lithograph, premium packaging and more for the price of $220.

Alanah Pearce of IGN reported about a listing on the GameStop website that gives details about the Collector's Edition's contents. According to the listing, the package will contain the following:

  • For Honor Gold Edition
  • 14" Apollyon Statue – Standing at over a foot tall, this highly-detailed statue features an accurate reproduction of Apollyon, For Honor's main Warlord.
  • Exclusive Apollyon Lithograph – The Warlord of the Blackstone Legion seeks to bring war to her enemies in this exclusive Limited Edition Lithograph.
  • Origins Note – Go deeper into the battlefields of For Honor as you uncover Apollyon's previously untold origins. What secrets lie in the past of the Blackstone Legion's mysterious leader?
  • Premium Collector's Edition Packaging

The Gold Edition of the game will net you the base game, a Deluxe Pack, and a Season Pass subscription, giving you access to all of the downloadable content as it's rolled out. This version of the game is only available at GameStop and can be pre-ordered for $219.99, so be prepared to drop a pretty penny.


For Honor won't be released until Feb. 14, meaning you can make it a nifty Valentine's Day present for your favorite warmonger. And who knows? Maybe it'll even be solid enough to join the list of the best games of 2017.