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The Bizarre Reason MrBeast Caused This Waitress To Quit

Over the years, YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson, a.k.a. MrBeast, has become a sensation for his videos in which he pulls one huge stunt after another, usually spending a good bit of money in the process (don't worry, though — he's super rich). With such high concept (and high budget) videos on his channel, it makes sense that MrBeast would attract the attention of other major YouTubers, such as PewDiePie. MrBeast's latest video, however, may have just changed the life of an employee at a Muscle Maker Grill.


At the opening of the video, MrBeast and his crew entered the restaurant with a gigantic check for $100,000. Walking up to the employee at the counter, MrBeast asked her if she would quit her job in exchange for the one hundred grand. She seemed completely taken aback, but quickly answered that she would not.

"No, I don't think I would," she responded. "Like, I have got bills to pay." 

After MrBeast helpfully reminded her that she could look for a different job while she sat on the money he was giving her, she expressed her worry that her boss would be upset about her leaving. That's when MrBeast called her boss over and asked what he thought of the situation. To the worker's surprise, her boss was excited and encouraging, telling her that she didn't even need to put in a two week notice. With that, she agreed to take the deal.


MrBeast also made sure to prove that the reward was legitimate, taking the waitress outside and showing her several duffel bags full of cash. The unidentified waitress responded, "MrBeast, thanks to you, I can quit my job now. I'm so happy."

That interaction was far from the last surprise MrBeast had in store for this video. He quickly followed up that act of charity by going to a nearby Walmart and repeating a similar scenario. This time, he offered $10,000 in cash to a random employee and told them they didn't have to quit their job to earn it. The woman thanked MrBeast, revealing that her grandmother has cancer and that she was grateful for the help. 

While he has published plenty of gaming content over the years, many of MrBeast's videos have involved such bizarre concepts as paying participants $10,000 to eat a ghost pepper or going to various stores and purchasing every item that can be stacked in a tiny circle. The segment with the waitress was only a small portion of his newest upload, which also included offering $1 million to a professional golfer for hitting a hole-in-one.