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Pokimane Reveals Some Of The Most Toxic Twitch Messages She's Received

In a new video shared on YouTube over the weekend, veteran streamer Pokimane exposed a number of bizarre and gross messages she's received via her Twitch channel's unban requests. Pokimane posted a similar YouTube video last month when she went through her unban requests, except this time the filter came off.


'You guys don't even know, but prior to looking at unban forms, I have my mods go through them and kind of remove the ones that are really bad," she revealed. "But today I'm gonna YOLO and just show you guys everything."

The comments ranged from criticisms of her Valorant streams to various forms of sexual harassment. A number of the requests seemed to blame other people for typing in the offensive messages, some claiming that their siblings or friends commandeered the keyboard.

Pokimane laughed off most of the creepy messages. She also showed a surprising amount of leniency given the nature of some of the requests. But a lot of others felt the wrath of the Poki banhammer, like the user who tried to bypass chat filters to use a racial slur. Interestingly, Pokimane had a benevolent ruling for many of these chatters: Just do better next time — and maybe with a different username.


"I want you to know, I won't be mad at you if you make a new account and just act like a nice guy," she said in response to one unban request. "And that's something that a lot of people can take from this. Sometimes I need to deny, but that doesn't mean you can't change. That doesn't mean you can't chat in my stream, it just means you gonna need to make a new account, K?"

With a following of more than 7 million on Twitch and 6 million on YouTube, Pokimane has used her platform to call out creepy and abusive behavior in the past. Despite her more humorous attitude to some of the recent gross unban requests, Pokimane has also called attention to the needless sexual harassment that female streamers endure, even when they do something as simple as stand up from a chair. She's also hasn't held back on some of the double standards that female streamers face compared to their male counterparts.

Whether or not the bad behavior subsides after some good old fashion public shaming remains to be seen, but it's clear Pokimane is determined to continue producing content and highlighting one of the biggest issues that plagues the streaming world.