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The One Talent We Never Knew John Marston Had In Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption fans know John Marston as the roughed-up protagonist of the first game, as well as for his supporting role in the game-changing Red Dead Redemption 2. While Marston can do a ton of things, he made it clear in the first game that he is unable to swim. However, one Reddit user found out that Marston's basically been lying to players this entire time.

Reddit user alexgiiraud posted a video of a quest from RDR2's epilogue that seemed to blow Marston's cover. In the clip, the player knocked Marston into the water and Marston swam right back to the shore, quite easily, too. Marston wasn't paddling like a dog or floundering around — he was actually stroking his arms to swim. There are several voice lines in the clip that prove it was actually John in the water, the first one being as soon as the player pushes him in. The player then shot at John just to hear the character's voice and confirm this wasn't a glitch in the game. John even swam right back to his very own horse. Altogether, this made it impossible to question whether or not it was actually Marston who came back out of that water.

As fans of the series likely know, John's lack of swimming skills was actually a controversial part of the first Red Dead Redemption game. Considering the main playable character couldn't swim, it had a huge effect on where players could go on the map.

One Reddit user commented with a joke about the character in the water being John's twin — because, as dylanbatt2004 wrote, "in the first game if he even touched water he DIED." Reddit user ChipAndPutt agreed with this and named this hypothetical twin "Mohn Jarston."

Other Reddit users believe that this clip proves that Marston had lied all along, but TheGamer has a different theory. According to the site, this is more than likely a standard NPC action. It believed that developers more than likely created a universal action for NPCs to respond to these kinds of situations, and it applied to John because he was just an NPC at the time of this clip.

With rumors continuing to swirl concerning a possible Red Dead Redemption remake, it might be interesting to see if a next-gen version of John Marston might be able to swim better than he could in the first game. As a rule, Red Dead Redemption games are highly immersive, and it's just weird to think that the game's rough-and-tumble protagonist would be killed by merely touching the water.