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Survey Reveals How Many People Have More Than 7 Game Consoles In Their Home

Recently, SVG surveyed 2,600 gamers from all around the world to find out how many gaming systems they have in their homes. While the majority of respondents had somewhere between 1 and 4 consoles at home, a slim group of super-gamers have a whopping 7+ game consoles to call their own. So, exactly how common is it to have a full-blown video game entertainment center in your living room? The numbers may surprise you.


Representing the most common gamer experience, 48% of respondents had 1-2 gaming consoles at home. This makes sense when you consider how much mileage even one console can get you, especially if you know where you stand in the Xbox vs. PlayStation debate. After all, you could stay busy with just one console for awhile. The second most popular answer, selected by 29% of respondents, was 3-4 consoles.

As far as the higher end of things, 12% of gamers have 5-6 consoles at home, and another 12% have 7 or more. Though the percentages are lower, the implications are pretty big. In this case, "12%" means that over 300 gamers have a full-blown console collection.

Some people had more consoles than you'd expect

The survey also asked gamers to comment on which consoles they have. There were a handful of comments from folks with over 10 consoles, though one user took the cake with a mind-blowing 22 consoles. This user claimed to currently own "Nintendo, SNES, Genesis, Sega CD, 32x, TG-16, Neo Geo, 3DO, Gamecube, Dreamcast, Saturn, N64, PS1, PS2, PS3, Wii, WiiU, Xbox, Xbox360, XboxOneX, Xbox series X, Switch. Not including portables."


Among those with 7+ consoles, there were a few trends pushing numbers up. First, many players have stayed true to their favorite consoles and upgraded over the years, which meant that consoles in the Xbox and PlayStation lines alone accounted for 3-4 consoles for some people. Also, gamers who dabbled in different types of consoles had a wider variety, including retro consoles like the Atari and the Game Boy on top of more modern picks.

After understanding how years of gaming can lead to a console pileup, you might have a new take on this data. Whether you're the type to grab every new console or you've been able to avoid some of the overpriced consoles that have plagued gaming history, now you know how you and your console collection stack up.