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How Does Balan Wonderworld's Co-Op Mode Work?

Balan Wonderworld has several appealing features, including over 80 unique and powerful costumes, as well as a full demo for players to test before buying the game. Balan Wonderworld seems to have it all, especially when you add on its colorful world and easy to understand gameplay. When you look at what else the game's creators have worked on, those elements all start to make sense.

The development team behind Balan Wonderworld also had a hand in the Sonic franchise. Naoto Ohshima and Yuji Naka, the brains behind Nights into Dreams and Sonic Adventure, have teamed up yet again to work on Balan Wonderworld, a romp through twelve worlds to help heal hearts and restore happiness. And much like in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, which includes playable companions like Knuckles and Tails, players may have to learn to rely on their friends' abilities to help win the day in Balan Wonderworld.

Luckily, Balan Wonderworld also features a co-op mode that fits seamlessly into the game. With two protagonists, it's only natural that players would look for the opportunity to team up with a friend.

Balan Wonderworld's co-op is surprisingly old school

Get ready to go back to the 90s with Balan Wonderworld's co-op mode. Unlike most games on the market today, Balan Wonderworld does not support online co-op, meaning that any teamwork will have to happen from the comfort of the same room.

Two players can join in on the fun, with one controlling Leo and the other playing as Emma. Players can wear different costumes and combine their abilities to reach previously blocked parts of the map or punish foes in new, creative ways.

In one example on the Balan Wonderworld website, a character in the Air Cat suit helps boost a character in the Pumpkin Puncher suit to a destroyable block. Together, the pair break the block and move on to a new part of the level.

Even though fans won't be able to play long distance, there's something nice about playing with a friend who is in the same room, or perhaps even on the same couch. It's looking like Balan Wonderworld will be a must-play for roommates, partners, or friends on a lazy weekend.