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Heroes Of The Storm To Make Full Roster Available This Weekend

Blizzard Entertainment is jump-starting the new year by making all of the Heroes from Heroes of the Storm available for fans to try.

The announcement was made on the official Battle.net website, letting players from all regions know that every single Hero that's been released can be played from Jan. 13-16, completely free of charge. Players will get to try before they buy, putting Heroes through the gauntlet to see if their Epic or Legendary Skins are worth the purchase of the characters themselves.


The most recent addition to the game is Zul'jin, the mighty troll boss of the Zul'Aman dungeon from the Easter egg-rich MMORPG, World of Warcraft. We can't wait to see what other fan-favorites will be added to Blizzard's MOBA in 2017, but we can sate ourselves by playing all of the free characters this weekend. Check out the 2016 year-in-review video to see everything that's been added to the game over the last year.