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Gamedec - What We Know So Far

Cyberpunk games featuring gritty, futuristic stories set in the near future are having a moment right now. With the release of Cyberpunk 2077 behind them, players can get excited for a new wave of cyberpunk fare, including Gamedec, a fresh title from Anshar Studios.


Based on a series of novels by M.S.Przybyłek, Gamedec puts players in the shoes of a game detective (gamedec), a person who solves mysteries in virtual spaces. Players will travel through a variety of settings and uncover NPC secrets as they attempt to fight crime and make decisions that affect the outcome of the game. 

Like 2020 hidden gem Cloudpunk before it, Gamedec is an isometric RPG, meaning players view the field of action from above. Players will need to use logic, technology, and luck to discover the truth in a series of mysteries, but each choice they make will have a lasting impact on both the protagonist and the world.

What is the Gamedec release date?

There's good news for fans of the cyberpunk aesthetic: Gamedec comes to Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store on Sept. 16, 2021. That means only a few months of wait time until you can get out your figurative magnifying glass and start collecting clues. 


With its fall 2021 launch, Gamedec will arrive less than a year after CD Projekt Red's AAA genre entry: Cyberpunk 2077. Given Cyberpunk 2077's poor player reception at launch, it's an interesting time to release an RPG with a cyberpunk setting. Given this, it's important to note that Gamedec promises a different experience than Cyberpunk 2077, eschewing a combat and action focus to zero in on choice and logic. 

In Gamedec, choice will be king, with player decisions directly affecting the world and their character's personality. Granted, Cyberpunk 2077 made its own claims about mechanics centered on the impact of certain player decisions that were seemingly scrapped during development, so you'll just have to wait and see if Gamedec delivers on its own promises when it launches in September.


Is there a trailer for Gamedec?

Anshar Studios has released two trailers for Gamedec: one at Gamescom 2020 and another during The Future Games Show Spring 2021 Showcase.

The Gamescom 2020 trailer begins with a straightforward definition of a Gamedec: "a combination of a skilled virtual reality player and a private detective." It plays like an advertisement for the Gamedec profession, with the narrator discussing Gamedecs' skillset, which involves a number of skill trees. There's even a unicorn (yes, you read that right) who "befriends" the protagonist.


The stylized cinematic trailer that premiered at The Future Games Show depicts a gruff, Gamedec protagonist as he describes the hardboiled detective life in the future. The trailer provides a look at the various settings of Gamedec, including a Wild West-themed town and what appears to be a feudal Japan-styled garden. The end of the video shows the protagonist rising from his chair and then flashing through different appearances before the game logo appears on screen, indicating that players will likely be able to choose what their character looks like.

Does Gamedec have a gameplay demo?

Gamedec has a gameplay demo, which will be available on Steam March 26. While fans don't know much about the new demo right now, a Kickstarter backer demo from 2019 might provide a good idea.

The Kickstarter backer demo took about 20 minutes to complete and walked players through a simple mission. The goal of the backer demo was to provide a proof of concept for Gamedec and give players an idea of what the game would be like once released. As evidenced by the end of the demo when the developer says the game will release in 2020 things have changed since 2019. Now, with a release date in 2021, Gamedec's demo is likely more polished and representative of the final product.


As fans get ready for the launch of Gamedec, they can check out more of Anshar Games work, which includes contracts with high profile clients like Bloober Team and Behaviour Interactive Inc.