For Honor Closed Beta To Start This Month

The start date for the For Honor closed beta and its accompanying War of the Factions event has been announced.

Alex Osborn of IGN reported that Ubisoft's upcoming game would start its closed beta for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on Jan. 26 and end on Jan. 29. This beta comes just a few weeks ahead of the game's Valentine's Day release and will give players the chance to participate in the War of the Factions event.

Players interested in the event should sign up here, pledge themselves to one of the three factions, and prepare for a fight to reach the top of the global leaderboard. All participants will be able to collect some sweet rewards in the form of the Emblems of Old, with more rewards to be announced soon. Jump onto the registration page and pledge yourselves to the Vikings, Knights or the Samurai now to get started. Hopefully this beta delivers amazing gameplay and kicks off a year of awesome gaming experiences.