New Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer Shows Aloy's Friends And Foes

The latest Horizon Zero Dawn trailer has been unveiled, giving us a lengthy look at Aloy's friends and some of the enemies she'll face.

Jeroen Roding, Community Manager for Guerrilla Games, posted the trailer to the PlayStation Blog, reminding us why we expect Horizon to be one of 2017's coolest games. Some of the game's impressive environments are shown off, painting a better picture of Aloy's "post-post-apocalyptic" world. We see her leave her tribe in order to warn others about the masked men who raise ancient machines from the ground, and get a brief glimpse of their leader. It seems as if she'll have plenty of help when it comes to combating these mechanized creatures, but even bigger baddies wait in the wings. The trailer has the feel of a teaser for a summer blockbuster film full of action and intrigue, ensuring that fans will want to see more.

Horizon Zero Dawn is slated for a Feb. 28 release on the PlayStation 4, so there's not too long of a wait if you want to guide Aloy on her journey to save her tribe.