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RIP Stopsigncam Season 1

Last week, a weird new stream took over Twitch; one that, for a brief blip in time, had a whole community of viewers glued to the edges of their seats. The channel was called stopsigncam, and true to its name, the live feed focused on a single problematic stop sign in Salem, Mass. Much like that Office scene where everyone watches the DVD logo bounce around a TV, rooting for it to land completely in one corner, those on stopsigncam were mesmerized by people stopping and not stopping at the stop sign. Sadly, though, the fun had to come to an end.


According to Kotaku, the stream went on a sudden hiatus last Wednesday. A few days after that, it became clear that stopsigncam — at least in its initial form — could no longer exist. As one of the channel's mods told Kotaku, viewers had apparently discovered the location of the camera and had started causing trouble for those who lived nearby. "[N]eighbors are more important than a stream," the mod said, and just like that, stopsigncam season 1 officially came to a close.

For an all too fleeting moment, stopsigncam was where you could go to see human psychology in action. Would someone obey the laws that society put in place? Or would they blow right by the stop sign and stick it to the man? As Kotaku wrote, hilarious antics made their way onto the cam, too, after citizens discovered its location. Those hoping to garner a quick bit of fame "made stopsigncam cameos in which they did backflips, danced, dueled each other with lightsabers, and performed all sorts of other stunts."


Fortunately, while the first stopsigncam location has been given the ax, those who wish to watch more rolling stops aren't completely out of luck. At last check — and just as promised by the channel's creators — a second location is now officially online, and it looks every bit as entertaining as its predecessor. It appears to sit on the corner of an intersection facing a stop sign that, unsurprisingly, a number of drivers simply fail to stop at. Roughly a thousand viewers are already tuning in to see who will heed the sign's request and who will outright ignore it.

At the moment, it seems the current iteration of the channel — stopsigncam season 2, for simplicity's sake — is still up and broadcasting with no major issues to report. Whether or not that remains true over the coming days, well — that is anyone's guess.