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Super Mario Odyssey Unveiled For The Nintendo Switch

Everyone's favorite portly plumber is warping to the Nintendo Switch later this year as one of the most anticipated games of 2017 was finally unveiled in the form of Super Mario Odyssey.

This Nintendo Switch presentation trailer featured Mario popping out of a manhole in a city that appeared to be called "New Donk City." There were street signs and businesses named after prominent Donkey Kong characters like Diddy and Dixie Kong, but none of the actual banana-hoarding primates could be found. This new zone likely represents the real world, as Mario could be seen interacting with normal human being characters who were all towering over the diminutive hero. Nintendo's team members explained that a huge inspiration for Odyssey was the feeling you get from visiting new, exotic places for the first time, so it was exciting to see Mario exploring areas far beyond the Mushroom Kingdom.


Odyssey is the first free-roaming 3D Mario game since Super Mario Sunshine on the GameCube and boasts plenty of vibrant locations, including sandy deserts, lush jungles, bustling metropolitan areas, and much more. Mario can be seen traveling on a flying building shaped like a magic hat (we're not making this up). Speaking of magic hats (not the beer), Mario's iconic cap can now be thrown, Kung Lao-style, and will play a major role, as it actually sprouted a pair of mysterious eyes. Oh, did we mention that Bowser was marrying Princess Peach? He's got a suit and everything.

You can expect Super Mario Odyssey to debut for the Nintendo Switch during the 2017 holiday season. Here's to hoping it won't end up like some of Mario's other games.