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Nintendo Switch Parental Controls Trailer Is Cute And Frightening

Nintendo has released a trailer for Nintendo Switch Parental Controls, an app designed to help parents manage their children's playtime on the Nintendo Switch.

The cute trailer was revealed during the special Switch presentation and features Bowser as he tries to find solutions to curb Bowser Jr.'s insatiable gaming appetite on the Nintendo Switch. The big daddy whips out his smartphone and opens the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app, which allows him to set time limits for his son's gaming. A friendly reminder will pop up on the screen to show that the allotted time for play is over. We're shown that if the system is still active and play has gone over the time limit, parents can use the app to put the system into Sleep Mode. This is meant to be used as a last resort, which is reflected on Bowser's face and the distraught look on Junior's.


Parents will also be able to monitor what games their kids are playing and toggle an option that limits online communication. The Internet is a scary place, so it's probably best to keep your young ones away from the trolls while you can. Most of the games being released for the Switch seem to be fairly family-friendly, so there probably won't be too much to worry about when it comes to content that's unfit for younger players. All the control might seem a little Big Brother-esque, but it could go a long way in setting healthy gaming habits.