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Fire Emblem Fates Might Come To Nintendo Switch

Fire Emblem Fates might be joining Fire Emblem Warriors as the second Fire Emblem game on the Nintendo Switch.

Joe Skrebels of IGN reported that a NeoGAF user named Mr. Pointy discovered a source code in an image link on Nintendo's Fire Emblem Warriors. This code read "Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation for nintendo switch" and could indicate that a Nintendo Switch version of the game might be on the way.


There's no confirmation that the port will become a reality, but Nintendo fans will probably learn about this possible NIntendo Switch game and other related titles during the Fire Emblem-centered Nintendo Direct slated for Jan. 18. The presentation will likely reveal more about Fire Emblem Warriors, such as the roster of heroes we'll get to see in the game.

If Fates ends up being ported to the Switch, then we'd be glad to see it join the list of Nintendo Switch games we're dying to play.