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Final Fantasy XV Update Lets You Take Your Own Photos

Prompto's photography skill is of the quirkiest and most endearing features in Final Fantasy XV, and it looks like Square Enix isn't done with his camera just yet. In a post on the official Final Fantasy website (helpfully translated by Gematsu), Square Enix revealed that, as of Final Fantasy XV's next major update, "players can freely take pictures outside of battle."


Currently Prompto, one of the main character's sidekicks, will take photos at random moments during the game, which players can review when they settle in at a hotel or campsite for the evening. With the update, players will be able to man the in-game camera themselves, allowing them to immortalize any Final Fantasy moment they please in a digital polaroid. Square Enix hasn't said whether the user-captured photos will count against the 150-picture limit currently imposed on Prompto's efforts.

In addition to the new photography mode, the upcoming patch will also include the previously announced "Holiday Pack Updates." The Holiday Pack comes in two flavors, free and paid, and will give players a few special items—specifically, an Nixperience Band that prevents characters from levelling up, a Warrior's Fanfare, which gives players extra ability points when they get an A+ for offense in battle, and a Moogle-themed t-shirt for the main character, Noctis—as well as access to a limited-time event called the "Moogle Chocobo Carnival." Final Fantasy XV Season Pass owners will receive a number of additional items as well, all of which are detailed on the official Final Fantasy website.


Previously, Square Enix announced that patches that will improve the game's performance on PlayStation 4 Pro systems and change the game's controversial final chapter are in the works. Final Fantasy XV's technical problems came as a surprise to players given that the title had been in development for over 10 years, but at least the game came out—unlike some of these other often-delayed titles.