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The Internet Is Losing It Over This Bootleg Game

Have you ever wanted to play as a team of Super Smash Bros. characters in an action-RPG? Well, for a while, you could. Twitter user @heynicejobstill has brought Super Fighter M – All Star to the internet's attention, and gamers everywhere are confused, but thankful. 


Super Fighter M – All Star is a mobile game released by Cayman Game Inc. that includes unlicensed appearances from multiple members of the Super Smash Bros. roster. Most importantly, the character select screen is filled with limited voice acting for each character, who spout some of the most bonkers dialogue imaginable. 

In a clip shared by @heynicejobstill, curious fans can see just how different things are in the world of Super Fighter M. "We should start quoting the character select screen for this unlicensed bootleg mobile game from the Cayman Islands the way we did w/ Step Brothers and Anchorman," wrote @heynicejobstill.

The clip is truly a parade of absurdity. Many of the characters speak with a voice that sounds like it could belong to the same person, delivering lines that seem at odds with the character. Link helpfully explains that he's not much of a talker. Wario cackles something about a "treasure box." Mega Man's pal Zero seems to be going through his morning affirmations as he whispers, "It's time for me to show up."


Some of those lines are odd, but they approach making some kind of sense. Other introductory lines fully break the fabric of reality, such as when Rosalina helpfully intones, "Your friend is waiting for you in the garage."

Since that fateful post, Super Fighter M – All Star has taken on a second life. Over 20,000 people have liked and commented on the thread following @heynicejobstill's clip. The character select screen has become a viral sensation, with fans on the internet picking their favorite bizarre, incongruous bits of dialogue.

You may be wondering how you can snag this game and lead your favorite Smash characters into a confusing new mobile battle. Unfortunately, there's no legal way to acquire Super Fighter M – All Star at the moment. According to people who are familiar with it, the game was pulled from digital storefronts several months ago, most likely due to its use of copyrighted characters.

While some people are desperately trying to figure out how to play the game for themselves, others are worried about what could happen if they sought out Super Fighter M. After all, the game was already a bootleg in its original form. What happens when you try to track down a bootleg of a bootleg? One user remarked that they'd probably lose all of their personal data if they tried to download the game now.


Look, it's no Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but clearly Super Fighter M has some merit as a viral sensation. While it's unlikely that the mobile game will ever be legally reissued, at least fans can still pull up these clips and enjoy the dulcet tones of Donkey Kong begging for a "banana butter pie."