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New Overwatch Skins Possibly Leaked

The new Legendary skins for the upcoming Year of the Rooster event for Ovewatch may have been leaked.

Robert Purchese of Eurogamer reported that a Chinese player posted an image to the Overwatch subreddit, showing heroes like Reinhardt, Zenyatta, Winston, and Roadhog dressed up like the characters from the Journey to the West epic.


It's fitting that Winston would rock the outfit of the Monkey King, Sun Wukong, and that Roadhog's costume resembles that of the soldier-turned-pig monster, Zhu Bajie. The omnic monk Zenyatta represents Tang Sanzang and Reinhardt is the river monster named Sha Heshang. We enjoy the thought that went into these supposed Legendary skins.

There's no guarantee that these are the costumes we'll see in the update, nor that they'll be Legendary-class skins, but they might seem too ornate to be Epic. We'll get confirmation once the event kicks off on Jan. 24, Updates like this are what make Overwatch one of our favorite titles from 2016.