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PewDiePie Doubles Down On Criticism Of David Dobrik

Streamer and internet personality PewDiePie, the online handle of Felix Kjellberg, hasn't always gotten along with other content creators. In fact, there's an entire shady side of PewDiePie that many dislike. However, PewDiePie isn't shy about sharing his opinions on his peers, especially when he thinks someone has done wrong. 


PewDiePie's latest beef is with none other than YouTuber David Dobrik. PewDiePie has spoken out about Dobrik twice in the past couple of months, reaffirming his bad feelings about the content creator. As chronicled by Vulture, Dobrik recently came under fire for a series of harassment allegations associated with his career, specifically his vlogging collective, Vlog Squad.

PewDiePie spoke about Dobrik's situation online. In an April video reacting to TikToks, PewDiePie watched a clip from Dobrik, commenting, "Oh, David Dobrik? I thought he was donezo!" In the video, Dobrik opens up a bottle of alcohol sent to him by Tesla, prompting PewDiePie to ask, "What are you going to do with that alcohol, David?" before looking knowingly at the camera. PewDiePie went on to call Dobrik a "slimeball" and "sleazeball" before mockingly saying, "Can't wait for my friends to get drunk outta that so I can get some content."


PewDiePie may have been referring to one of the biggest incidents at the heart of Dobrik's recent scandal. An Insider investigation claimed that Dobrik and friends allegedly supplied alcohol to underage girls, which led to one member of the Vlog Squad supposedly sexually assaulting an actress.

Trisha Paytas, who worked with the Vlog Squad and dated one of its members, Jason Nash, claimed in a separate video that when people have tried to take down the Vlog Squad before, they "just get harassed." Paytas also asserted that Dobrik's crew did not obtain consent from actors because people cannot give consent when they're under the influence of alcohol. Even though PewDiePie has feuded with Paytas in the past, it seems the two internet personalities are on the same page this time.

PewDiePie's comments about Dobrik seemingly show that he's willing to double down on his opinions. In a March livestream, PewDiePie stated that even though he doesn't know Dobrik personally, his "radar flicks up a bit" when he sees him. PewDiePie compared this bad feeling to how he viewed Logan Paul. Both men left PewDiePie wondering how they got away with so much. "If I did that, I'd get cancelled," he said.