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Monster Hunter Rise: How To Find Gargwa Eggs

Monster Hunter Rise is the latest release in the action series, available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. Becoming the greatest hunter in the land involves a good bit of grinding, whether you're collecting the elusive Bloodrun Jewels, putting together a fancy set of armor, or mastering the game's best weapons. You'll also want to complete as many quests as humanly possible, which include hunting down a variety of monsters and fulfilling fetch requests for a variety of items.


One of the item requests is called "An Egg-cellent Idea," which requires a player to turn in two Gargwa eggs. Unfortunately, some players may find it difficult to track down the necessary items. While the bird-like Gargwas themselves aren't too difficult to find, there is a special trick that may help you get the eggs needed to complete the quest. Completing this particular quest rewards a cool new Hammer design, but there are a few other advantages to knowing where to snag Gargwa eggs.

The best Gargwa egg farming location

Over on the Monster Hunter subreddit, u/Moonlight_Aria has a comprehensive breakdown of the best way to get Gargwa eggs. In response to a post asking for the easiest item transports to grind for currency, u/Moonlight_Aria responded that snagging Gargwa eggs were easily the fastest method. Over in the Shrine Ruins, Gargwas can spawn very early on, making for a quick completion and relatively easy money. Gargwa eggs can be sold for a decent chunk of in-game change (and Gargwas can also drop plenty of other useful materials). 


"[Gargwas] have a fairly high chance to drop eggs if you hit their backs when they aren't fleeing," u/Moonlight_Aria wrote. "Hit them in the back with your Palamute, and you generally won't startle any of the other Gargwa. This often gives 2 or 3 chances at getting a Gargwa Egg/Gold Gargwa Egg right next to the main camp." 

What are you waiting for? Now that you know where to find them and how best to combat the Gargwas, get on over to the Shrine Ruins and round up some eggs.