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New Prey Details And Trailer Revealed

The latest trailer for Prey, one of the most anticipated games of 2017, has been uploaded, giving us a peek at the alien-infested adventure from Arkane Studios.

The trailer is also accompanied by a host of new details that were posted to the official Bethesda website, offering a deeper look at Morgan Yu's fight against the Typhon aliens.


As Morgan, you'll explore the Talos I space station in search of your enemy, able to go wherever you wish. Gary Steinman, Global Content Lead at Bethesda, wrote that the Talos I "includes austere laboratories, an industrial underbelly, a lush arboretum and many other diverse areas to explore." We're sure you'll have fun hunting down the terrifying aliens that could lurk just around the corner of any of these locations.

The new trailer offers a glimpse at some of the weapons you'll utilize to take out the Typhons. You can see the S4 Tactical Pump Shotgon, the GLOO Cannon, the Typhon Lure, the Q-Beam, the Disruptor Stun Gun, a Recycler Charge and a little wrench being used to turn aliens into dust. Look forward to unloading an arsenal of more incredible weapons against the aliens when Prey is released.


Bethesda has also unveiled the Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack, a preorder bonus that outfits you with three Neuromods, two medkits, and plans to create shotgun ammo and the Margrave shotgun, which is a Yu family heirloom.

Peep the trailer above and get ready for the Typhon-killing madness when Prey drops on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on May 5.