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The Rarest Apex Legends Skins

Apex Legends was released in February 2019 as Respawn Entertainment's answer to the rapidly expanding battle royale genre. It quickly made a name for itself, carving out a space alongside other industry giants like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite. Several years past its launch, Apex Legends continues to hold a place in the universe of battle royale games, mostly thanks to its fast vertical gameplay, its weapon selection, and its character designs. One important element of those character designs? The game's many swappable skins.


The skins in Apex Legends aren't always revolutionary, but they add something new and special to players' favorite characters. Sometimes they take the form of interesting redesigns. Other times, they swap in exciting new color palettes, adding some variety to existing skins.

Skins rotate in and out of the Apex Item Store regularly, meaning that some options have limited availability or will vanish for long periods of time before being reintroduced in special events. Over time, this has led to certain skins being tricky to get and rare to see in gameplay. Here's a look at the rarest skins in Apex Legends.

Dark Artist (Mirage)

Mirage's "Dark Artist" is a Legendary Exclusive skin that taunts Apex Legends newcomers with its lack of availability. It's a sleek, black-and-orange number that vanished from the lineup only a month after the game's initial release, meaning that the only players who sport this skin are ones who started the game early and sunk enough of their time and tokens into Mirage to get it.


"Dark Artist" may just be a simple recolor of Mirage's "Ghost Machine" skin, but that doesn't stop fans from begging for a comeback. It was a hit upon release and remains popular enough that players still hope to see it return to the store after its multi-year absence.

While it's not the rarest Mirage skin on the list, it's one of the more popular unavailable options. Whether or not it will be rereleased remains to be seen — recolors aren't as likely to be cycled back into the lineup, so the outlook isn't very promising.

Full Metal Jacket (Bangalore)

Bangalore has no shortage of awesome skins. The beautiful character design of "La Catrina" and the elegant, formal look of "Viceroy" have captured fans' hearts, but nothing quite comes close to the badassery of "Full Metal Jacket." The skin replaces Bangalore's usual bright colors and battle-friendly skirts with a sleek set of black and gold armor, adding a few blue accents and a handy blue visor for a touch of color that lets the legend's personality shine through.


Fans love the look and continue to rank it as one of Bangalore's best skins, but you'll rarely see it in gameplay for a handful of reasons. For one, it's currently unavailable — it briefly returned to the Apex Item Store in October 2020, but quickly slipped through players' fingers again. Even if it were available, however, it's got a pretty steep unlock cost to the tune of 10,500 Legend Tokens on top of Bangalore's existing "The Spacewalker" skin.

Bionic Wonder (Wattson)

Wattson's "Bionic Wonder" skin is an interesting change of pace in terms of design. Most of her skins have her in simple jumpsuits — usually in dark or charcoal-grey tones with a pop of color — aside from a few brighter patterns. But "Bionic Wonder" is an entirely different story.


This Legendary Exclusive skin paints Wattson in a startling electric blue with an acidic yellow jacket. Her young, girlish face is replaced with a white faceplate reminiscent of I, Robot, turning her from an electrical engineering genius to one of the very machines she works on.

The skin was met with mixed reviews upon release. Some players loved the out-of-the-box design and the update to Wattson's overall aesthetic, and others felt the bright, robotic design was too garish. The skin hasn't appeared in the Apex Items store since October 2019, meaning that even fans of the skin who want to pick it up have limited access to it.

Green Machine (Pathfinder)

Pathfinder's "Green Machine" is an easy fan favorite. This skin gives the robotic legend a slightly sturdier design that makes him seem beefier in battle, but touches it up with some fun colors fitting of the happy smile on his chest. Lovingly dubbed "The Watermelon" by fans, this Legendary Exclusive skin features a bright green paint job with a few pink gradients and accents that lend credence to the nickname.


"Green Machine" is another skin with a pretty high cost, requiring 10,500 Legend Tokens and "The Aviator" to craft. It's currently unavailable for purchase on the Apex Item Store, where it hasn't been seen since June 2019. Since it was removed only a few months after the game launched, it doesn't show up frequently during gameplay. Still, fans of Pathfinder hope that the skin will appear once more in the future, hopefully bringing a bit of summer fun back into the game.

Flashpoint (Wraith)

Wraith's "Flashpoint" skin (not to be confused with the VK-47 assault rifle weapon skin of the same name) is a colorful new look for the legend that, for better or worse, really helps her stand out on the battlefield. As a recolor of her Legendary "Vengeance Seeker" skin, "Flashpoint" gives Wraith a bright blue jumpsuit with white and orange accents. The contrasting colors are paired with heavily lined eyes and a bleached, shaved-head look that's a far cry from Wraith's usual dark-haired updo.


While still pretty uncommon, "Flashpoint" isn't quite as rare as it used to be. It was reintroduced to the Apex Item Store in March 2021, but there's no guarantee how long it'll be available. Fans of the skin are rushing to pick it up before it's gone (despite its high purchase cost and crafting requirements), so you may see a few more of these Wraiths running around before too long.

Bot of Gold (Pathfinder)

"Bot of Gold" is a skin as rare as the treasure it's named after. This Pathfinder Legendary Exclusive skin is a golden recolor of the "Quicksilver" skin, gilding everyone's favorite robot in a new metallic sheen that makes him seem like an even more valuable addition to any lineup.


Though not much changes about Pathfinder's overall design across his various skins, players liked the more anatomically correct proportions, joking about Pathfinder's "thick thighs" in comparison to the thin pieces of metal or large, armored plates that usually make up his legs.

Fans were begging for this skin to make a comeback only shortly after it disappeared from the Apex Item Store for the first time. Though there was some uncertainty about its eventual return, it did briefly reappear in the store in February 2021. It quickly vanished once again, however, leaving fans eagerly awaiting their next treasure hunt.

Airship Assassin (Wraith)

"Airship Assassin" was once Wraith's most coveted skin, and for good reason. This Legendary Exclusive skin is every steampunk fan's greatest dream, outfitting Wraith in a brassy, leather-clad getup, complete with enough tubing, buckles, and metal contraptions to make even the most ambitious cosplayer weep. It's a fancy recolor of her existing "Void Specialist" skin, another convention-worthy outfit with a bit more of a classic sci-fi vibe.


"Airship Assassin" was available for only a few weeks after the initial release of Apex Legends, meaning that only the game's first players had access to the skin for quite a while. It was so rare in gameplay that it practically became synonymous with "TTV Wraiths," streamers who had mained the character since the early days of the game.

As with "Flashpoint" and "Bot of Gold," this skin isn't quite as rare as it used to be. It made a brief return to the Apex Item Store during the 2020 Black Friday sales event, meaning that anyone who started playing after February 2019 finally had their shot at the skin. It disappeared again after the sales event, however, so it's still pretty uncommon to see the stealthy steampunk Wraith running around.


The Trophy Hunter (Caustic)

It's hard to overstate just how cool Caustic's "The Trophy Hunter" skin is. There aren't many pure white skins in the game, so the searing bright outfit stands out even among the most colorful options. The fact that it's a Caustic skin makes it even better — his poisonous nature makes the color feel acid-washed (almost unhealthy, even) in a way that's thematically fitting for the character.


This Legendary Exclusive skin is a bleached version of his "Blackheart" skin and features the same fur collar and accents. The bone ornamentation is the same color as other parts of the skin, making the white gas mask seem as though it's made from the remains of the creatures he's killed.

"The Trophy Hunter" hasn't been listed in the Apex Item Store since April 2019, which was still fairly early on in the game's lifespan. Fans are hoping for an eventual reappearance, but such a return has yet to be announced.

Center Stage (Mirage)

If "Dark Artist" can be called a fan favorite, "Center Stage" is practically a sensation. This is another rare Mirage skin, but with a new approach — rather than going for a stealthier style, this skin is just as loud and attention-grabbing as the legend himself. The white and red outfit is conspicuous even in a lineup of his other flashy skins, announcing his presence in any room. The katakana emblazoned across his chest (which phonetically spells out "Mirage") makes sure his every victim knows exactly who took them down.


Such a costume eludes fans, however, as the skin has been unavailable since April 2019. It was a pretty expensive skin when it was listed in the Apex Item Store, however, as it required 10,500 Legend Tokens and the "Angel City Hustler" skin to craft. Players with this coveted skin regularly steal the spotlight among Mirage players, and will continue to do so until the skin becomes available again.

Great Winter (Bloodhound)

Bloodhound's "Great Winter" skin is another rare Legendary Exclusive. It's a recolor of the "Imperial Warrior" skin, and looks about exactly as you'd expect — it's got an off-white, Japanese-inspired design with a few gold accents. Its aesthetic has earned it the nickname "White Samurai" from fans, though it's more ninja-like with how rarely it appears in gameplay.


While it's not quite as popular as some of the other white skins on this list, it's still enough of a catch that fans hope to see a comeback. It's unclear whether this dream will ever become reality, however — the overall design of the skin doesn't differ much from Bloodhound's more common (and currently available) skins. Even if it did, it's only one of many recolors, and there's not significant demand to see "Great Winter" back in the Apex Item Store alongside the other, more colorful "Imperial Warrior" palette swaps.