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Meet The Mass Effect: Andromeda Team In This New Trailer

A new Andromeda Initiative video for Mass Effect: Andromeda, one of 2017's most anticipated titles, introduces us to the human Pathfinder team.

The video is from the Andromeda Initiative program and is narrated by second-in-command Cora Harper, a woman who sports a killer hairdo and is in charge of operations and ground missions. She serves under the Pathfinder, Alec Ryder, an N7-ranked soldier and scientist who leads the expedition to find a habitable planet for mankind.


We're also introduced to Liam Kosta, a man who specializes in crisis response and has talents in multiple disciplines. Then we have the Ryder twins, Scott and Sarah, who are former Alliance recruits who've just finished tours with the Arcturus station outpost and Prothean artifacts team. We'll be able to control either of these siblings in the game proper, customizing their appearances to our liking.

Finally, there's S.A.M., the Simulated Adaptive Matrix, which is an A.I. that "sees and feels" what the team members do via implants in their bodies. This allows S.A.M. to have enhanced situational awareness and relay tactics to the team. It's kind of creepy and kind of cool, all at the same time. Get set to get nice and cozy with the crew when Mass Effect: Andromeda drops on March 21 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.