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Survey Reveals People Are Split On Their Favorite Non-Mario Character In The Franchise

Looper asked gamers a classic question with a twist, and the results are not clear-cut. When asked to pick a favorite non-Mario character in the "Mario" franchise, 508 U.S.-based gamers weighed in with mixed opinions.


In first place, not surprisingly, is Luigi. With 28.15% of the vote, Mario's taller brother in green was likely such a popular pick because he's got almost all the same qualities: overalls, a can-do attitude, and undeniable notoriety in the world of gaming. Without the titular character to compete with, Luigi shined in this survey, even if a little dimmer than his costar. What's a bit surprising is the fact that he was voted one of the most annoying "Mario" characters in another Looper poll.

Just a little ways behind were two of the arguably cutest pics. Princess Peach got 22.64% of the vote, while Toad got 22.44%. For players who love all the happy-go-lucky characters, this was likely a tough choice. Then again, with Toad's signature toadstool mushroom cap and Peach's sugar-sweet demeanor, it's hard not to wonder whether the survey participants were selecting their faves based on cuteness or their own level of hunger.


While Luigi, Peach, and Toad topped the charts, the survey also had some clear losers ...

Wario and Waluigi were left at the bottom of the barrel

Another almost-tie occurred between Wario and Waluigi. Wario got 8.86% of the vote, while Waluigi got 7.28%. It's interesting that the popularity gap is less than 2% between these two since they're basically the evil mirror images of Mario and Luigi. Though these villains are, well, villians, fans still love them for reminding them that everything is not as it seems. Wario, for example, has some interesting secrets, though a little further digging will tell you that Mario's past isn't as squeaky-clean as you may think. Waluigi still made the list, but he could've done better considering his cult-like online fan following.


These results don't tell the whole story, however, as the "Other" category received a relatively strong 10.63% of the vote. That makes sense given just how many characters are part of Mario's world. It's also impossible to say how the responses may have differed with Mario in the mix. Without Mario as the front-runner, at least there's finally a clear idea of what other characters stand out most to gamers.