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What You Need To Know About New Pokemon Snap's Professor Mirror

"Pokemon Snap" makes its triumphant return on April 30 with the release of the appropriately-titled "New Pokemon Snap." Much like in the original title, the new game tasks players with taking snapshots of a huge number of Pokemon in the Lentil region. But what is the reason behind this new Poke-expedition? And who are you taking the pictures for?


The original "Pokemon Snap" featured video game and anime mainstay Professor Oak as the character giving you feedback on your finest Pokemon pictures. However, in "New Pokemon Snap," that role will be filled by a brand new character: Professor Mirror. But just who is Professor Mirror, and what is his interest in the world of Pokemon photography?

According to Nintendo of America, Professor Mirror is a well-known figure in the field of Pokemon research, but he needs the help of an ace photographer to complete his work. Nintendo explained, "Professor Mirror is a leading researcher in the Lental region and he's in charge of the Laboratory of Ecology and Natural Sciences (L.E.N.S.). You'll be using your trusty camera to help him with his Pokémon research."


Professor Mirror is researching the Illumina Phenomenon

Professor Mirror has been researching "the Illumina Phenomenon," a strange occurrence in which the inner life energy of Pokemon can be seen rising to the surface, resulting in the creatures emitting an incredible glow. Catching this mysterious sight on camera is not going to be easy. Luckily, Professor Mirror has invented a gadget that will allow Pokemon photographers in their quest.


The professor has equipped players with Illumina Orbs, which help to kickstart the Illumina Phenomenon in Pokemon. By observing how Pokemon react to the Orbs, Mirror hopes to learn more about the science behind it — and that's where a Pokemon photographer can really come in handy.

Aiding in Professor Mirror's research is his lab assistant, Rita. While players will be taking the snapshots and Professor Mirror will be grading them, it'll be up to Rita to fill the player in on the history and geography of the Lentil region.

Now that you know who you'll be working for, it's time to get out there and snap some Pokemon pictures.