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Fallout 4's High-Resolution Texture Pack Requires A Powerful PC

With Fallout 4's official high-resolution texture pack, Bethesda's post-apocalyptic RPG looks better than ever—if your PC can handle it.

Bethesda calls the free upgrade, which arrives next week, "a love letter to our amazing PC fans," but apparently that love comes at a cost. The high-resolution texture pack will consume a whopping 58 gigabytes of extra space, and requires a computer far more powerful than Fallout 4's minimum recommended specs. According to Bethesda, players will need a PC with a Intel Core i7-5820K processor (or better), a GTX 1080 8GB or a AMD Radeon RX 490 8GB graphics card, and at least eight gigabytes of RAM in order to run the souped-up version of Fallout 4.


While the high-resolution texture pack is a PC-only enhancement, the console versions of Fallout 4 are also receiving small improvements. Next week, Fallout 4 will receive an upgrade that unlocks the power of the PlayStation 4 Pro, adding "native 1440p resolution," a longer draw distance for environmental objects and non-player characters, and better lighting to the game. Bethesda also promises that new features for fan-made mods are on the way for PCs, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4—the developer says that it will release more information about changes to Skyrim Special Edition and Fallout 4's modding system next week.

Following years of rumors, Fallout 4 came out in November, 2015, and received a number of awards, including multiple nominations for Game of the Year. Critics and fans alike praised Fallout 4's massive open world, which gives players the freedom to explore some truly terrifying locations, in spite of the game's dated graphics and numerous technical glitches.