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Dr Disrespect's $250,000 Game Idea

Certain video game peripherals are expensive, but sometimes they're essential to the enjoyment of a game. For example, "Steel Battalion" (the original, not the Kinect version) required an insane monster of a "controller" with over 40 buttons and two joysticks. It was costly, but it also provided a unique experience no standard controller could achieve. Dr Disrespect has a similar idea that would allow him to provide some unique streaming content.


During the latest Dr Disrespect YouTube stream, the Doc took time off from his busy schedule playing FPS games to watch viewer suggestions. These mostly consisted of looking at game trailers, including a few troll suggestions, but things picked up after Dr Disrespect saw some racing gameplay. This planted an idea in his head to purchase a "full-motion simulation system" between $200,000 and $300,000. He said he's even willing to sell his beloved Alpina B7 so he can "get into racing."

After Dr Disrespect floated the idea, he spent a lot of time exploring potential racing simulator systems — with some supplemental research material provided by viewers. The first device was very close to what he wanted: the 4DOF Extreme 4x4 Simulator. While Dr Disrespect was impressed, he didn't want the vanilla model. "See I wanna build like panels around here with the Doc Logo, almost like the outline of a black sports car ... just give it a nice, special look," Dr Disrespect explained. Moreover, he wanted an iPad built into it so he could record his reactions and read chat while using the chair.


The Doc then went through several other potential motion (or motion sickness) simulators, including a giant hamster ball of a device and the US military's own $19 million aircraft motion simulator. All of these fell just slightly short of the mark, but Dr Disrespect found a clear winner in the Yaw2 Motion Simulator and Smart Chair

As soon as he saw the device, he knew needed one, so he made an open business offer/deal live: "I'll go 20% ... and what I'll do is, we'll use it on the stream." Crazier things have happened for the Doc, who once made an deal to design the Arena map for "Rogue Company."

Since the Yaw2 is currently in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign, Dr Disrespect doesn't have to "go 20%" or spend 300 grand for the chair — just anywhere between $1,470 and $2,320 depending on the model he wants. However, if the Yaw2 campaign falls through, Dr Disrespect expressed just as much interest in the Feel Three Virtual Reality Motion Simulator, since it is big enough to seat his sizable 6'8 frame and comes standard in his favorite color palette of black and red.

Perhaps audiences will one day get to see Dr Disrespect drive on a VR motion simulator seat. How much that will cost him, however, is an entirely different matter.