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Hilarious Overwatch Glitch Launches D.va Off The Map

Following this week's Year of the Rooster event release, millions of Overwatch fans updated the team-based shooter title and immediately dove into A.I. battles and quick play showdowns. But others headed for the ever-popular arcade mode to play a few rounds—and discovered a hilarious glitch.


Players stumbled across the widely reported bug during 3v3 combat in the arcade when attempting to eject arguably the most popular tank hero, D.va, from her mech. Normally, when D.va's health dwindles to zero, she bails out and fights on foot. Here, the glitch does arguably too good a job at getting D.va out of her mech and away from enemy forces: it sends her flying off the Ecopoint Antarctica map completely and down into an odd limbo zone that seems to be underneath the map's layout.

Unlike some other Overwatch bugs, this one offered no opportunity to cheat. Unfortunately, because D.va players were pushed clear off the map when ejecting, it meant they couldn't fight back during the elimination rounds once they had gone sans mech. This severely complicated gameplay, as it rendered the hero essentially useless in arcade mode battle. Blizzard recognized this and swiftly cleared it up, with software engineer Bill Warnecke commenting that game servers were "being hotfixed for the issue" soon after hearing of the glitch's existence.


Though the bug that launched the tough-but-cute hero into the Upside Down of Overwatch was short-lived, the hilarious evidence lives on forever.