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Green Hell Console - What We Know So Far

"Green Hell," the surprise hit from indie developer Creepy Jar, drops you into the Amazonian rainforest with a single objective: survive. Part survival simulator, part psychological thriller, you must balance several components to withstand the beautiful but inhospitable setting. Tasks range from starting fires to hunting animals and treating wounds, and you'll face new challenges as you explore the open world, complete with a dynamically changing environment. All of this unfolds alongside the core narrative, which sees you grapple with your inner demons as you follow a "familiar voice" on the radio.

After its PC release, "Green Hell" secured an impressive 78 Metacritic score and a "Very Positive" 9/10 rating on Steam. Reviewers and players alike were smitten with its story, biomes, and challenging gameplay loop, to the point that Creepy Jar reportedly sold over 1 million copies in less than a year (via Google Translate). While "Green Hell" has experienced its share of troubles, such as bugs and what one user described as "an absolute tedious grind," a slow but steady string of updates has kept the title on players' minds.

With the success the game has experienced on PC, it should come as no surprise that Creepy Jar announced that "Green Hell" is headed to consoles. If you prefer controllers to keyboards, here's what you should know about the upcoming ports.

When will Green Hell release on consoles?

Following a little over a year in Early Access, "Green Hell" released for PC via Steam on September 5, 2019. Buoyed by positive reviews and impressive sales numbers, Creepy Jar deployed a large update in June 2020 that included several bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and a multiplayer option for story mode. For the first time, you could experience the game's gripping narrative with up to three other players. Only a few months later, "Green Hell" received its first port, making the jump to Nintendo Switch. Though it received less attention from critics, the 8.9 user score on Metacritic indicates that many players thought the Nintendo Switch version was worth the wait.

With a major update and a console port under its belt, Creepy Jar shared a 2020/2021 content roadmap for "Green Hell." While the lineup mainly focuses on the three-part expansion "Spirits of Amazonia," the roadmap revealed plans for PlayStation and Xbox versions of "Green Hell" slated for Winter/Spring. Part One of "Spirits of Amazonia" went live right on schedule in January 2021; two months later, Creepy Jar announced that its survival simulator was headed to PS4 and Xbox One in June 2021, complete with story mode, co-op, and "unique challenges."

Is there a trailer for Green Hell?

Creepy Jar has shared several trailers for "Green Hell" since it entered Early Access in 2018. The most recent trailer, which released on March 25, served as a teaser for the console editions of the game.

Clocking in at 30 seconds, the teaser functions more as highlight reel than a trailer, showing off a rapid succession of scenes, characters, and gameplay features. The snippets range from injuries and encounters with local wildlife to shots of the detailed environments and native inhabitants. Beyond the ports in question, perhaps the biggest takeaway from the video is the promise that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will include multiplayer from day one — a revelation that left some viewers questioning when co-op would finally come to the Switch edition.

If you're looking for a more detailed visual resource of what "Green Hell" has to offer, you should check out the "Spirits of Amazonia" reveal trailer and Co-Op Mode trailer, as both exceed the one minute mark.

What is the gameplay like in Green Hell?

Players encounter several obstacles as they attempt to make it out of the "Green Hell" of the Amazonian rainforest. Your physical and psychological wellbeing play a crucial role, forcing you to monitor both body and mind as you endure the unforgiving surroundings and recover your identity bit by bit.

In true survival sim fashion, you must gather resources, construct shelters, weapons, and equipment, and collect food by hunting or harvesting crops. One misstep or bad choice can lead to disaster, ending in injury, disease, or even death. If your physical state deteriorates, you'll take hits to your Sanity. If this value drops low enough, you'll have to contend with your character's abusive inner dialogue and eventually full-fledged hallucinations.

Beyond portraying the toll exacted by prolonged exposure to extreme conditions, "Green Hell" seeks to capture the wonder of "the richest natural environment in the world." The setting features a diverse range of plant and animal species, which Creepy Jar purportedly designed to imitate the behaviors of their real-world counterparts. The dynamic weather system also contributes to the treacherous beauty of the jungle.