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Fortnite Skins Epic Needs To Bring Back

"Fortnite" is one of the biggest names in the battle royale scene right now. It took the gaming world by storm in 2017, but the game's iconic style keeps it relevant even years after its release. Part of this unique sense of style comes from its ever-expanding, ever-cycling roster of unique character skins.


Called "Outfits" in the game, these skins vary from basic tweaks for existing character models to entirely new heroes with their own special flare. "Fortnite" frequently partners with all sorts of other franchises to bring players crossovers with fan favorite franchises like the Avengers, as well as other video game characters like Kratos from "God of War" and Lara Croft from "Tomb Raider."

Because skins rotate through the item store so frequently, some of the best Outfits can get vaulted for long periods of time before they reappear. Here's a look at some of the vaulted Outfits Epic should bring back into the "Fortnite" rotation.

Harley Quinn

"Rebirth" Harley Quinn debuted in April 2021 to celebrate the release of DC's "Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point" comic miniseries. While the Rebirth Outfit has been plenty popular on its own, fans of the character have been hoping that the original Harley Quinn looks will make a "Fortnite" comeback. The earlier outfits depict Harley as she appears in the Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey movies — the Default skin showing her "Daddy's Little Monster" shirt and fishnets, and the Always Fantabulous style sporting her shorter pigtails, suspenders, and patent leather booties.


Those Outfits originally debuted in February 2020, shortly after the premiere of "Birds of Prey." She cycled in and out of the "Fortnite" item shop for a while, but hasn't been seen since August 2020. Harley Quinn fans still hope that the Rebirth release indicates that a return of the older Outfits is on the horizon, but it remains to be seen whether that will actually occur.


Whoever said spies can't look cute while on the job? This Outfit has a color-coordinated look consisting of a red patent leather coat with a matching beret and glasses, accessorized with black pants, gloves, and belts. The coat has an A.L.T.E.R. patch on the sleeve, hinting toward Rue's role in the organization. The alternate style replaces the red coat and beret with black ones.


Regardless of the color palette, Players love Rue's style, and have taken to Twitter with pages upon pages of fan art depicting Rue in adorable styles that belie her violent and vengeful nature. This art is often accompanied by many requests for Epic to bring the Outfit back to the "Fortnite" item shop. It hasn't been featured in the rotation since May 2020, so fans aren't sure if or when they can expect her to make a comeback. Hopefully these Rue fans won't have to wait too long for news.

Travis Scott

The ever-popular Travis Scott Outfit was first introduced to "Fortnite" in April 2020. It more or less looks like Travis Scott himself, shirtless and tatted, wearing nothing but jewelry and khakis. The "T-3500" alternate style looks more or less the same, but some of his skin has been stripped away to reveal a metal skeleton that brings the Terminator to mind.


The Outfits were added to the item shop as part of the "Astronomical" set, which was released alongside Travis Scott's musical event of the same name. Fans of Scott's music and fans of the game alike flocked to the Outfits, and were ultimately disappointed when they were removed later that same month.

Players have taken to Twitter, begging Epic to bring the Travis Scott Outfits back to the "Fortnite" item shop. There's been no indication so far of whether or not they'll return, but maybe this won't the rapper's last collaboration with Epic Games.

Grill Sergeant

Grill Sergeant is pretty much the perfect Outfit for any food service workers who are looking to let off some steam after a long day at work. This burger flipper doesn't even bother to change out of his uniform before hitting the arena — he's decked head to toe in purple and orange stripes, complete with a stained apron and a paper hat bearing the Durr Burger logo.


This Uncommon Outfit was the Outfit of choice for esports player Sin0oh during the 2019 "Fortnite" World Cup. It gained quite a bit of popularity as a result, and came back to the item store in September 2019 for a brief time before getting vaulted. Nostalgic fans are hopeful for the Outfit's return. For now, they can content themselves with finding Grill Sergeant as an NPC at the Durr Burger food truck, where he's got special dialogue with Tomatohead and Beef Boss.


Bash has managed to do the impossible by making colorful unicorns look just as badass as hardcore spies and android rappers. Bash was released as part of The Leftovers set, along with a handful of other Outfits that didn't make the final cut of their intended sets. The Bash Outfit comes in four styles: Default, a brightly colored version with pink and blue armor; Militia, a grizzled version with more muted colors; Glow, a darker version with highlights that glow in the dark; and Dark, a hardcore, apocalyptic color swap.


This skin typically rotates in and out of the "Fortnite" item shop every six weeks or so, but its last appearance was back in January 2021 and it hasn't reappeared since. This has led to fans of Bash jumping on Twitter to beg Epic to cycle it back in. Hopefully Epic will see the value in returning this awesome unicorn to "Fortnite."

Farmer Steel

Fans may not exactly be chomping at the bit for Farmer Steel to return, but that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve another chance. This redneck wrangler looks as though its battle royale armor is fashioned from the scraps of an old tractor — its prosthetic legs boast a bright red paint job and tire tread for traction, which is matched by its tire tread suspenders. Farmer Steel has a flannel shirt and a straw hat to complete the look, making it seem as though opponents are nothing more than a bunch of varmints in the cornfield.


This Epic Outfit was originally introduced in March 2020. It showed up again in April of the same year before vanishing once more. A few fans have expressed interest in seeing the skin again, but it's unclear if Epic will ever bring it back into regular rotation. For now, Farmer Steel can spawn as an NPC at Steel Farms, where players can interact with him during gameplay.


Scoundrel is the perfect skin for classic villains looking to embrace their inner criminal and commit some mischief. This Epic Outfit was released alongside its female counterpart, Rapscallion, as part of the Jailbird set. The Scoundrel Outfit is every bit as cartoonish as you might imagine — an old school, black-and-white striped prisoner get-up and a knit cap are perfect for robbing banks and tying damsels to train tracks, and even comes with a mustache for twiddling during a well-practiced maniacal laugh.


This Outfit made its way onto the "Fortnite" equivalent of a Most Wanted list when it disappeared soon after its initial release. It debuted back in August 2019, and has been on the lam ever since, despite the fact that fans have clearly been waiting for it turn up again. Rapscallion's actually made it into the shop a few more times, there's no telling if or when Scoundrel will finally join back in on the fun.


Rebel is basically every pop punk anarchist's dream Outfit. This look is full-on robotic, decked out from tip to toe in a realistic metal skeleton, save for a few grungy elements. Rebel sports a black knit beanie atop a metal headplate designed to look like a choppy, asymmetrical bob. Peeking out from the "bangs" is a glowing blue eye surrounded by a makeup-like gear pattern. A bright yellow jacket rounds out the look, and the blue and pink accents scattered throughout the Outfit add a few more excellent pops of color. 


Rebel may not have been the most popular upon its initial release in May 2019, but it still caught fans' attention. It's been largely absent in the shop since then, only making a brief return in July 2019 before vanishing again. Still, there's something special about Rebel's whole teen anarchist vibe, which has some fans hoping to see this punk rock look again.


Bonehead is a colorful skin released as part of the Burning Bone set. It's got a charming streetwear vibe, pairing artfully torn, black skinny jeans with a brightly-colored hoodie in red, black, and blue. The hood is pulled over the face, but it's still plain to see that Bonehead's name is literal: its face is a hollow skull with a glowing blue light inside, reminiscent of Sans from "Undertale." "Fortnite" fans have also compared it to the existing "Vendetta" Outfit, leading to some speculation as to whether or not the two are officially connected.


Bonehead used to cycle in and out of the shop on a monthly basis after it was introduced in April 2020, but it's been out of the regular rotation since October 2020. Fans of the skin have begged Epic to bring it back in the wake of new skins being released, but have had to make do with exceptional fan art.

Funk Ops

It's hard not to love Funk Ops and the sparkling swagger that it brings to the battlefield. Released alongside three other Outfits as part of the "Fortnite" Fever set, Funk Ops features bright colors and metallic accents that are sure to shine on the dance floor. Complete with a glimmering gold tank top and some neon-patterned gloves, the default skin sports an afro and a pair of green shades. True to its name, the "New Glasses" style replaces Funk Ops' angular sunnies with rounder white frames, adds some stylish hoop earrings. and swaps the afro with a dread fade.


Fans have been hoping to see this disco freak boogie back into the "Fortnite" item shop after being gone for over a year. Funk Ops hasn't featured in the rotation since November 2019, so the chances of it coming back are pretty slim. Still, players have taken to Twitter to voice their interest in the skin and post groovy fan art and cosplays.