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How Long Does It Take To Beat New Pokemon Snap?

For a long time, the world thought it may never see a sequel to the iconic N64 title "Pokémon Snap." Now, those once unlikely dreams have become a reality with the release of "New Pokémon Snap" on the Nintendo Switch.

The new game features 200 different Pokémon, all carefully selected to fit their natural environments in the game. Players getting their hands on the game are eager to find out which of their favorite monsters made the cut. Though it seems right off the bat like this game has solved some problems others struggled with, there's still a lot to discover about how this game differs from the original. Namely, players want to know how much playing time they'll get out of this long-awaited title.

Before you find out the estimated length for completing the main "New Pokemon Snap" campaign, keep in mind that every player is different and that these estimates are from some of the quickest gamers around. The main goal of the game is having fun — well, that, and taking the perfect photo of your new Pokémon subjects.

New Pokemon Snap offers a good amount of photographing fun

The Gamer's Cian Maher estimates the main campaign of the game takes around the same amount of time to beat as a standard Pokémon game. While some people may be able to do it in 15 hours, Maher writes that most players will need longer: "'Pokémon Snap' is a healthy 20 hours long with dozens of hours' worth of postgame content to keep you occupied long after the credits roll."

According to Matthew Byrd at Den of Geek, it will take most players somewhere between 10-15 hours to beat "New Pokémon Snap." However, Byrd also makes it clear that the ultimate task of capturing images of all 200 Pokémon could take closer to 30 hours.

Screen Rant has the lowest estimate, clocking in at 6-12 hours, but also emphasizes that there is plenty of potential for continued "New Pokémon Snap" gameplay after beating the main story.

The good news is, whether you're snapping at lightning speed or taking your time finding new Pokémon, you'll have hours of gameplay to keep you busy both through the main campaign and beyond. So, what are you waiting for? Get to exploring all of the exciting new areas in "New Pokémon Snap."