Two Final Fantasy XV DLCs Coming In February And March

Square Enix has announced official release dates for two DLC updates set to hit its latest title, Final Fantasy XV. All was revealed during the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary event on January 31.

The first expansion Final Fantasy XV fans can look forward to is available in three short weeks, launching on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles on February 21. Entitled "Booster Pack," this DLC focuses on the addition of some sleek new threads and tweaks to gameplay during battle. Players will be able to don a Magitek Exosuit in four different shades, which will offer "an exhilarating experience in battles," according to Square Enix. The publisher gave players a sneak peek at the Exosuit on Twitter.

Next up for Final Fantasy XV is the "Episode Gladio" DLC expansion, set for release on March 28. Gamers can play as Prince Noctis's companion Gladiolus "Gladio" Amicitia, who's been a non-controllable character until now. Square Enix hyped up the March DLC, stating on Twitter that players should "get ready for Gilgamesh [and] an all new perspective from Gladi." Rumors have been swirling that additional characters, like Ignis and Prompto, would be getting DLC exclusives in the coming months, but there isn't any official word on those yet.

It looks like gamers' calendars will already be pretty full this year, with a ton of exciting games being unveiled in 2017. Add these awesome-looking Final Fantasy XV DLCs to February and March's releases, and it will be a wonder if players ever leave their rooms. (Though we can't really blame them if they don't.)