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Pokemon Snap Lied To Us

With a variety of new locations across the Lental region, and over 200 Pokemon to capture on film, "New Pokemon Snap” has enough content to satisfy every gamer's nostalgic wishes. Now, it appears that developers chose to remove a Pokemon that was featured in one of the trailers for "New Pokemon Snap," leading some fans to wonder if the disappearance is related to recent rumors regarding post-launch content.


As noted by ComicBook.com, Spanish language "Pokemon" rumor account @PokeXperto on Twitter has pointed out that Shroomish, the mushroom-inspired Pokemon, did not appear in "New Pokemon Snap," even after being showcased in a trailer for the game. Since data miners recently found empty slots in the new game's Pokedex, some fans believe that Shroomish may be one of the Pokemon on the way in a possible DLC.

Fans responded to the missing Shroomish conundrum on Twitter, and unsurprisingly no one seemed too pleased. Fan @GiveMeColby tweeted that "They can put [Shroomish] in DLC to ask for even more money, especially if people are willing to pay. It's all a game to some companies to make as much money as possible." Other players were quick to point out that the situation is even weirder than that, when you really think about it.


Since it appeared in the trailer for "New Pokemon Snap," some believe that Shroomish had originally been in "New Pokemon Snap," but then was removed from the base game before release. The decision to include, then exclude a Pokemon seems like a strange way of handling DLC. 

A fan on Twitter felt that the whole situation was a waste of effort. "It makes much more sense to say, that new things would be implemented in DLC," @LiebeSchiffer said. "Because why take something already in, to later implement it again? Double effort." As of now, however, DLC for "New Pokemon Snap" remains a rumor, and fans aren't sure if they'll ever see Shroomish in-game.

One fan reminded the "Pokemon" community that something similar happened in the original "Pokemon Snap." Ekans, a snake-inspired Pokemon, appeared in previews for the game and the "Pokemon Snap" beta, it was missing from the game at release.

Even without Shroomish, "New Pokemon Snap" has plenty of content to keep gamers busy for a while. With around 20-30 hours gameplay, the base game could buy Nintendo some time to explain what happened to everyone's favorite mushroom Pokemon. Maybe fans will find out soon whether or not that DLC really is just a rumor.