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The Classic Game 20% Of People Want To Play Again For The First Time

Nothing beats that first time you played your favorite classic game. Whether you were a kid or adult at the time, retro gaming can bring back memories of younger, simpler times. So, if you had a time machine that could take you back to that moment for just one game, do you know which one you'd pick?


Looper asked 508 U.S. gamers which classic video game they wish they could play again for the first time, out of the following choices: "Super Mario 64," "Street Fighter 2," "Sonic the Hedgehog," "Tetris," "Donkey Kong," and "Duck Hunt." If their favorite wasn't represented in the survey, fans could also choose "Other." The results speak to the variety of beloved classic games players still enjoy today, especially since the margins were pretty narrow.

Even in a close race, "Super Mario 64" emerged victorious, as it did in a similar survey on N64 titles. Practically synonymous with classic Nintendo gaming, Mario is the hero the world always wants more of, even decades after he first came onto the scene. 20.28% of respondents chose this game as the one they'd love to play again for the first time.


Not far behind is another related game: "Donkey Kong." With 17.72% of the vote, this arcade classic is still going strong. After all, who doesn't love the bad boy of gaming?

The classic runner-ups

Of course, it wouldn't be fair for Mario to have all the fun. In third place was "Street Fighter 2," which snagged 14.37% of the vote. Given how the sequel completely transformed the "Street Fighter" series, it's only fair that it did well in this survey.


Right behind that, putting a clear divide in the results, was the "Other" category, with 13.58% of the votes. That means the rest of the games didn't match up to what survey participants had in their heads, which makes sense when you consider how many great classic game choices there are out there. Bringing up the rear, "Sonic the Hedgehog" garnered 12.99% of the vote, while puzzle favorite "Tetris" got 12.6%. Last but not least, "Duck Hunt" received only 8.46% of the vote.

There you have it. While time travel may not exist yet, you can revisit some of these retro favorites to make you feel like a kid again.