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New Pokemon Snap Feature Becomes The Butt Of The Joke

"New Pokemon Snap" was released on April 30, and fans have been going crazy over the game. Between solving the size problem the "Pokemon" games have always had and hinting at future content on the way, "New Pokemon Snap" has seemingly exceeded fan expectations. Now, a few features from the game have became the butt of Pokemon-related jokes — literally.


For those who don't know, "New Pokemon Snap" allows players to edit and upload pictures online, where other players can give out medals to ones they like. Additionally, on the homepage of the game, popular pictures pop up in the top right of the screen for a quick preview. This feature can be turned off, but it's another fun social aspect of the game.

Players started taking a surprising amount of interest in the backside of Pokemon, particularly Bidoof. Part of this stemmed from the fact that many of the wild Pokemon aren't immediately friendly with the player, and when players see certain Pokemon for the first time, some of them turn their backs to you.

While the concept of letting Pokemon warm up to the player made sense initially, it also led to players posting unsavory pictures of Pokemon featuring their backsides. One of the early Pokemon to be used for these gags was Bidoof, but this quickly escalated to involve other Pokemon as players progressed through various biomes in the game.


Beyond Bidoof butts

The editing features of the game allowed players to make their pictures more intense. Even things as vanilla as an ice cream cone were used to create pictures of Pokemon with some unexpected tendencies. Additionally, the "wind" sticker, various speech bubbles, and facial expression stickers were all utilized in the name of making potty jokes. Not even the confetti sticker was safe. The backside photos were getting so much love from Professor Mirror, the in-game character who rates players' photos, that one Reddit user even made a meme of the kindly Prof.


It may not be such a big surprise that these pictures came about so quickly. As Destructoid has reported, other games that have photo modes, like "Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town," have run into issues with players using photo modes to make things the devs never intended.

For players who don't want to deal with these pictures, whether you're playing with a small child or you've lost that love for potty humor, there's always the option to turn the internet features of the game off. Nintendo does warn against uploading "inappropriate content" and bans certain words (via Polygon), but determined fans are getting around content filters. Amateur Poke-photographers beware.