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Nintendo Confirms Project Giant Robot Cancellation

It's hardly hush-hush that the Nintendo's Wii U console has been struggling for some time. Some gamers say it was doomed from the start, never quite reaching sales targets or garnering the type or amount of hype the company hoped. Nintendo recently announced plans to stop Wii U production altogether, and disappointing news broke today, with official confirmation that Nintendo's Wii U prototype Project Giant Robot will never see the light of day.


Representative director and creative fellow Shigeru Miyamoto had high hopes for the game, which was intended to focus on and show off the Wii U's GamePad capabilities. After a lengthy development period, Nintendo killed the project yesterday and offered up a relatively ambiguous reason for doing so. In a statement to Polygon, the company cited its consideration for their "overall product and development strategy" as the main factor. This may be a polite way of saying they didn't think Project Giant Robot would have been a successful title.

Few concrete details on the game were ever actually announced or discussed during its production. Having only briefly been unveiled in a demo round at the 2014 E3 convention, Project Giant Robot was never even given an official name, nor was it listed in the company's most recent quarterly earnings statement. It seems the oversized rock-'em-sock-'em gameplay didn't have the same magnetism other Nintendo games did.


Despite the bad news, Nintendo fans still have much to anticipate. Pre-release talk about the company's upcoming console, the Nintendo Switch, has been positive. And with a launch lineup featuring The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it's little wonder some players are betting the Switch might be better than the both PS4 and the Xbox One.