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Ubisoft Announces For Honor Season Pass Details

Rumors about a possible season pass for the upcoming action title For Honor have circulated in the gaming world for a few weeks now. Thankfully, game publisher Ubisoft put these to rest—in the good way—by confirming the pass's existence and giving fans some information about what to expect before they dive in.


Ubisoft made the announcement via YouTube, in a stylish sneak peek video. Set at a moderate $40 price point, For Honor's season pass will include six exclusive game heroes. However, these characters won't be available all at once; heroes will be rolled out two at a time over the course of 2017 at the start of each season, beginning with "Faction War." Pass holders can get their hands on the characters a week before they're released to the public, where those who've skipped out and saved their money can use in-game currency to take them for a spin. Specialized "elite" outfits will be available for these new characters as well.

Also bundled in the pass is the Day One War Pack, which includes a new "sunbeam" effect for character emotes, three scavenger creates, and three emblem outlines. Players may be most intrigued by the new "Champion Status," a label pass purchasers unlock that's valid for 30 days. This increases players' XP by 25%, extra points they can put toward loot, crafting, and boosts.


For Honor was already a title anticipated to majorly impress in 2017, but it looks like the season pass announcement has pushed it closer to greatness. The battler's open beta begins February 9, with the full game scheduled to arrive February 14.