Blizzard Entertainment Announces The Hearthstone Global Games

Blizzard Entertainment will be holding the very first Hearthstone Global Games that will feature 48 different countries competing for $300,000 USD.

Avarius, a Blizzard Entertainment Community Manager, posted to the official Hearthstone website, letting players know the official rules and the structure of the tournament. There will be four total phases to the tournament, the first three of which are for qualification. The final phase will see the 48 initial teams whittled down to just the final four, which will be seeded into a single elimination bracket.

Every team that participates will get rewarded with at least a little something from the prize pool. For example, 17th – 48th place will get $1,000 for individual players, or $4,000 for the team total. The top prize will get $15,000 for each individual player, or $60,000 total for the team. Think of all the virtual booster packs you could crack with that kind of money!

Looking to try your luck at scoring big in Hearthstone? Then try and jump into the Global Games with your team!